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A Range Of Designs Offered By The Cardboard Box Suppliers

Cardboard boxes are widely used for packaging and storing a plethora of items. From packing and moving goods to store household items, cardboard boxes have a number of uses. Cardboard boxes are even made colorful for mailing gifts. The cardboard box suppliers have large collections of crush and burst proof cardboard boxes in many designs. Right from using the cardboard boxes for using edible items to carrying heavy electronic goods and other industrial shipments, there are multiple ways in which people use the cardboard boxes for domestic and for commercial purposes. 

Double And Triple Walled Cardboard Boxes 

Double walled cardboard boxes protect their contents from being crushed even when they are tightly packed with other goods. This makes them ideal for storage and transport. These boxes can be used to pack many smaller boxes for additional protection or bigger items. Apart from this, if you are relocating or going for a short vacation and want to carry multiple things, then you can use the double and triple walled cardboard boxes.

Triple walled cardboard boxes are ideal for storing machines and other high-grade metal parts because they protect their contents against temperature changes, shocks, and damage. Triple walled cardboard boxes are mainly used for exporting items and for long-distance shipping. 

Archive Box 

Archive boxes available with cardboard box suppliers are flat single walled boxes with lids. These boxes can be used to store documents for long periods of time without getting spoiled. The cardboard box suppliers use special kinds of machines for manufacturing archive boxes. 

Long Cardboard Box With Side Opening 

This kind of cardboard box has flaps on the sides. This implies that such a cardboard box has a large opening along its whole length. Such boxes are suitable for storing and transporting items of the high length such as cylindrical machinery parts, posters, umbrellas, rolls of cloth, golf sticks, etc. since cardboard boxes are used for keeping multiple items, they can also be customized according to the need of the customer. 

Full Overlap Cardboard Box 

In this kind of cardboard box, there are two flaps with one covering the base and the other covering the top of the box. This kind of assembly imparts extra protection to the item stored in it. Full overlap cardboard boxes are commonly provided by the cardboard box suppliers for transporting heavy products. 

End Opening Long Cardboard Box

End opening long cardboard box is a long and narrow kind of cardboard box with one end sealed shut.  Doubled walled end opening long cardboard boxes are manufactured by many cardboard box suppliers for storing and transporting long and narrow heavy products such as machinery parts. 

Envelope Base Cardboard Box 

The base of this kind of cardboard box is locked in place and resembles a sealed envelope. The lid present on top of the box can be fixed firmly inside the box. The cardboard box supplier can also incorporate a locking tab on the box for more secure closure. 

Cardboard Loading Box With Separate Lid 

This kind of cardboard box has been designed to carry various items by road or rail over long distances.  The lid is not fixed to the box and can be lifted off and put back in place whenever required. The box also has an access flap. The cardboard box suppliers also provide the facility of printing the company logo or some other wording on the cardboard boxes. The service of printing and attaching of labels on the boxes is also provided by the suppliers.

 The cardboard box suppliers have a wide range of boxes of different widths, lengths and depths in their collections. The customer simply needs to choose a suitable one according to his/her requirements.

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Written by Zoe Sewell

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