Tips on How to Fix a Storm-Damaged Roof

Strong winds, scorching sun, torrential rains and hail storms, your home’s roof bears it all. The constant cumulative effect of these variations in weather can lead to significant damages to your roof. Although roofs are designed keeping the weather conditions in mind, your roof can be damaged due to harsh weather. Often, the damage is not entirely visible. Therefore, it is essential to check your roofs and fix the issues soon to avoid further problems. 

However, as homeowners, you must take cognisance of your roof after a storm or heavy rainfall. Roofing systems are sturdy and tend to withstand the harshest of weather. Even then, there are chances that in some extreme cases, it can leave damages to your roof. Even otherwise, a regular roof inspection is necessary to keep a check on the health of the roof. 

In case you notice any issues with your roof, you can get in touch with roof restoration in Melbourne roofing professionals. They possess expertise in the said field. 

How to make out if a storm damaged your roof?

Often, people find it confusing as to where they must analyse as a storm hits only one side of the roof. As homeowners, you might be able to inspect the rooftops from the ground, due to safety concerns. From here, you might be able to get a limited view of the whole roof leading to incomplete analysis. 

In cases like these, you must consult the roof restoration Cheltenham team who can inspect the roof from all angles. They possess safety kits that help them climb up your roofs and check it. 

However, here are some signs you must look for to inspect your roof better.

  • Debris

Debris is common after a storm. The sagging overhead branches or trees can increase the weight on the roofs, which may create massive damage to your property. In many cases, roofs need repairs due to the debris damage. 

  • Hail

It is known that hail storms are amongst the most destructive natural calamities. They often affect metal roofs very hard as it leaves dents. Not just the aesthetics, it can puncture and even scratch your roof. Due to this, the roof is prone to water leaks from such cracks and holes. 

  • Winds

One mustn’t underestimate the damages caused by strong winds. Depending on the intensity, wind can blow off a certain portion of your roof. Even with weaker winds, they can misplace the shingles. 

What must you do?

Here we state some of the steps you must take to fix your storm-damaged roof.

  • Thorough Inspection

Once the storm has passed, do thorough inspections of your roof and take note of its status. 

  1. Inspect your attics for leaks or water damages. 

  2. Check the outer layer of shingles, for its cracks and holes. 

  3. Look for the missing pieces of shingles, valleys or gutters on the ground. 

  4. Check your gutters for its clogging due to debris. 

  • Call Insurance Agent

If you have damages, call your insurance agent to access the situation and whether you should file a claim. In case you file a claim with the insurance company, keep a note of all the expenses incurred to restore your roof. It will facilitate reimbursement, covering all the costs. 

  • Call Professional Roofers

While restoring or repairing a roof, make sure you hire an expert roofing company capable of providing all kinds of roofing solution. Also, you must ensure they have a team of certified and skilled roofers with standard equipment.

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