Top 5 Tips for Musician to Use Instagram Live

Instagram live provides its users with a lot to interact with the audience and draw new followers. It is also considered a good tool for businesses to connect with their audience in a new way. The post briefs you on five ways that you as a musician can use the Instagram live functionality and increase your fan base with the help of instagram live views.  Why should you, as a musician, look at the live functionality on Instagram? Going live is essentially a part of your DNA. This is what you do, and you go on live shows, interact with your fans and audience this way. Using the internet, going live, and giving your fans, your audience a way to interact with you directly can help build your fan base and build the relationship you need to build a solid fan base.

So, you can essentially open to an audience online, thousands of potential millions, by using this functionality. Instagram is competing against the big TV networks nowadays, and reality TV is a big component. So, the live functionality of the platform is important for Instagram. So, you need to take advantage of it because they are giving traffic to that function for those who use it so that you can test it properly. Here are the results that you will get by going live on Instagram.

  • Visibility:

Instagram gives you free visibility but just using this part of the platform right now. All you need to do is to tap into your audience. It may be a guest audience if you go live together with someone.

  • Content:

Content is king these days. You must create between 60 to 100 hundred content pieces daily. So, by going live, you already have a content piece to post on your story afterwards. You can also save the video later and create tons of micro-videos. So, you will have content for days by just going live.

  • Engagement:

Engagement is queen if the content is the king. And this is how you build your relationship. Going live and interacting with your fans is the best way to show your reality. Let them type into your studio, let them see what you are doing, have a mini show, open yourself to your audience because that will help you build connection and engagement and that relationship you need to build a strong fan base.

Here are Five Ways You As a Musician Can Use Instagram Live

1. Call Someone:

To go live on Instagram can be scary sometimes if nobody shows up. What if one person shows up, and that person gets terrified because he is the only person there. An excellent way to overcome these insecurities is to call someone up. You need to call someone that you work with. You can go live together with someone on Instagram. So, what is happening is that you go live. You can add someone into that live session with you. And what happens then is that if you go live together with another musician you work with within a project, you will also tap into their audience because their audience will get a notification that they are going live together with you.

So, not only do you have the typical conversation that you would have anyways over the phone. On Instagram Live, you will see their rapper using the live functionality on Instagram as they would be on their phone. They are just calling anyone up there. What is igneous about it is that their fans can tap into it. And they are building a relationship with their fans by just doing the normal work anyway.

So, you need to always think of ways to include your fans and you in the process. And a perfect way of doing that is to go live together with someone. So, collaboration is the key.

2. Create a Mini-Show:

You need to set up mini-shows. Through the live functionality, you can even create a series that you can do every week continuously.  By arranging a mini-show with other artists will make your profile stand out from the crowd. One more tip to make your stream popular: buy a small or large number of Instagram live viewers from online sellers. If your profile is new, try a small number of already big reported users. You can try the bigger package.

3. Do a Monologue:

It would be best if you did a monologue. So, if having a monologue is your format, then Instagram live is perfect for that.

4. Fly on the Wall:

What is happening here as a musician? You are in the studio; you are in the process here. This is so valuable for your audience and fans to tune into. So, what you can do when you are in the studio making music, go live. They can tune in; they can see the magic happen. And people love this type of content. They love to be a part of that experience, the journey that you are creating. They were there when you were making that. And you are not even worried about who is Live on Instagram, and you are just flying on the wall. It is generous.

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5. Communicate with Fans:

You can also use Instagram live functionality to go live together with someone. What you can do is call up your fan. You need to talk to them just like you are friends. So, this is an excellent way for you to show your authentic self and speak with everyone there.

Take Away:

Instagram live provides an excellent opportunity for its user to engage face to face with people. It gives many values that a social post or a blog post interacts with the people in real-time. It is time-consuming, but the results are very fruitful.

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