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Top 7 Productivity Tools to JumpStart Your Business in 2018

cpi hotels meetings 04
cpi hotels meetings 04

Entrepreneurs are always looking for effective and innovative ways to increase productivity of their workforce as well as the overall efficiency of their business. But figuring out how to accomplish these goals is little bit tricky. Getting more done in less time and staying more focused on the important projects is a constant battle. If you want to increase your business overall productivity and stay organized, here are some useful tools and productivity apps that will ensure your small business run smoothly in 2018.

Reach your productivity peak in 2018 with these helpful tools and apps and take your business to new heights of success.

1.   Accompany

This useful app helps you manage and schedule your important meetings, events and appointments on a calendar. The tool gives you a more customized experiences by connecting to your email and the app will create profiles for important contacts and businesses. It emails you all the details about the person you have an appointment with in advance, including contact information and other important details.

2.   CloudCal

Being an entrepreneur, you have to fulfill a number of responsibilities, CloudCal can help you manage your time efficiently. Its Magic Circles offers a perfect scheduling strategy while allowing you to create circles and colors them into the correspond to the various events and times throughout the day. It provides a detailed overview of how much time you have available in a given day so you can manage and organize your meetings and important events. 

3.    TaskQue

An amazing productivity management software that helps you get more work done in less time. Its highly advanced Queue feature makes it easier for you to assign tasks to multiple resources at once while keeping track of every single resource and project. You can organize all your tasks by using to-do list, share ideas and collaborate with your team by using the discussion board feature. It makes it easier for you to increase productivity throughout the organization.  

4.     Fantastical 2

It is an easy-to-use and useful calendar app that has a simple and clean interface, making it easy to schedule your activities and plan out your tasks in advance. It gives you an opportunity to add audio notes to events and the day ticker allows you to easily manage all your events and remind you of anything important coming up. 

5.     DigiCal+

Every business owner wants everything in one place. DigiCal+ is one of the most useful apps that not only allows you to manage your personal calendar, but also makes it easier for you to add sports TV and TV schedules so you can enjoy your favorite show and TV series. It also allows its users to customize their calendars according to their preferences and scheduling. DigiCal+ has seven different view formats, you can choose the mode that suits you perfectly. 

6. is an amazing but simple app, or you can it your personal assistant that helps you transfer your to-do lists into calendars so you can have a better visualization of your workload. This way you can better prepare yourself for getting more tasks done. can turn your to-do lists into actionable and organized tasks. 

7.     Timepage

Timepage is a perfect digital tool that combines all your events, contacts, weather at one place. This tool is tailor-made for busy entrepreneurs and business professionals who tend to overestimate how much time they need. The calendar app has a special heat map feature that shows how your day is occupied with tasks so you can manage your time and divide your tasks in a way so that you are able to get all tasks done in a timely and efficient manner. 

Final Words

Since there is a number of online tools and apps available today to give your productivity an instant boost. The above-cited ones are a few that not only help you efficiently manage all your important tasks but also allows you to take your productivity to a whole new level in 2018.

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