Top 7 Tips to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

The scorching summer heat outside is undeniable, with temperatures in most regions soaring above 40 degrees. People outside are sweating profusely, and while environmentalists suggest staying indoors to keep your house cool, daily chores still necessitate venturing out. For some, summer brings pleasant weather, accompanied by barbecues, cool dips in the pool, and playing cricket on the beach. However, for others, summer isn’t quite as enjoyable.

If you belong to the second, we have a solution for you. With the advancement of technology and science, engineers and electrical technicians have developed air conditioning units for the better living of people, especially in the summer. Unfortunately keeping the residential air conditioning unit on the whole day is sure to bring a severe hike in your electric bills. So, how do you fight back against the summer heat?

To help you and this regard we have come up with a blog. In this blog, we will share with you some essential tips to make your home comfortable and cool in the summer. At the same time, you can also save a lot that would have otherwise been used in the consumption of electrical energy. So, let us focus on the different tips and tricks you can accommodate to keep your home cool in summer.

Tips to keep your house cool in summer

In the summer, during the hot and humid days, your go-to solution to cool the house is the air conditioning units. However, using such HVAC units for a long time can depreciate their functioning quality. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with the top 7 tips to keep your house cool in the summer. Let’s begin with the details.

1. Keep sunlight away

First and formers you have to understand that the villain in the summer is the Sun. It can be tempting to keep the windows wide open and let the natural light illuminate your room. But it is equally important to understand that more natural light means introducing a lot of heat inside the rooms.

The more you let the sunlight enter your room the warmer you feel. This makes the working of the air conditioning units a challenging task. To keep the temperature indoors bearable, close the blinds and the windows especially of the west and north.

2. Hack your windows

You will be surprised to know that almost 76% of the natural sunlight falls on the windows of your home. As a result, it heats the interiors.  If you can install reflective windows, it has the possibility to block at least 99% of UV rays and 78% of the solar heat.

On one hand, the extra sunlight can make your house warm, on the other hand, the harmful you were can damage your furniture and your health. So, installing window films in the summer is a must.

3. Invest in an awning

If the region in which you decide does not have a lot of greenery around, you can invest in awnings. These are one of the best alternatives to trees. Generally, these awnings provide a lot of protection from the sunlight and fit above the windows easily.

Once you fix them in your Windows, and natural it reduces the amount of light entering the home and keeps the environment cool indoors. These awnings can minimize solar heat by up to 77% as recorded by the US Department of Energy.

4. Purchase a smart cooling solution

To get the cooling effect in a home in summer, invest in a smart cooling air conditioning unit. How is that possible? The process is pretty simple. All that you need to do is along with an air condition unit, you have to purchase a smart AC controller.

The purpose of these devices is to fix a cooling schedule for an entire week. Besides it also takes up the responsibility of turning on your air conditioner unit as soon as you include proximity to your home. As a result, this saves 25% of energy and reduces electric bills.

5. Create a cool roof

The function of a cool roof is to reflect the heat and sunlight which otherwise falls on the roof and create a cool environment inside the house. The presence of reflective shingles or tiles or sheet coverings present in these roofs delivers a cool atmosphere and prevents the heat from directly entering inside. You can install these roofs on any type of building. Also, they are suitable options for both residential and commercial purposes.

6. Keep the doors and windows closed

To maintain the cool air inside you need to shut all doors and windows properly. Even if there are rooms that you do not generally use, make sure to close them tightly so that the cool air does not pass through those gaps. This reduces the temperature indoors and also makes the air conditioner function properly.

The cooling effect reaches each and every corner of the house extensively. In case there are any crevices or gaps near the doors and windows, make sure to seal them tightly and then use an air conditioner. You can also use drought excluders to prevent the cool air from leaking out.

7. Change the bed sheets

This is an unpopular opinion but a very significant and scientific one. Most people do not even consider changing the bed sheet once a month. However, when it comes to creating a cool atmosphere inside the room, the fabric of the bed sheet matters the most.

Always invest in lighter fabrics in summer. Regarding the shades of the fabric, make sure to choose something of a bright color like white or sky blue or baby pink, etc. This is because these light shades have the power to reflect the light and illuminate the room as well as keep the heat in control, thereby, maintaining a cooling effect indoors.


So, maintaining coolness in your house in the summer is essential not just for you but also for the comfort and well-being of your pets. During home air conditioning installation, make sure to invest in smart devices to reduce the electric bills, while making the most out of it.

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