UK Visa Refusal and How to Avoid Them

A survey by the Office of National Statistics (ONS)  found that 313,000 people migrated to the UK in 2020. The migration numbers by non-UK citizens in 2020 were at an all-time high. The numbers also include returning UK citizens due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With its many living attractions, the UK is a top country for offering a quality standard of living.

Primary reasons for migrating to the UK include:

Personal safety

Better work opportunities

Reputed study options

Improved quality of living

To migrate anywhere, you need to go through a strenuous immigration process that requires submitting multiple documents, identity forms and employment letters. Once you’re done with the procedure, you’re given a travel permit, also known as a visa.

Today, the UK has the highest visa rejection ratio in the world, with an average of 13 per cent per year. This makes the process of visa procurement highly difficult. If you’re applying for the first time, you should consult reliable solicitors to guide you about your application. If you’re immigrating from the UK to other EU countries, you can still seek a solicitor’s help with smooth immigration procedures.

Even when people from the UK don’t require a visa to travel throughout Europe, they’ll need an ETIAS visa waiver starting 2022. The waiver is introduced by The European Travel Information and Authorisation Systems for visa-exempt non-EU nations.

Here are some reasons for your visa refusal and how you can avoid them.

Incomplete Documents

For your visa application, a basic list of documents include:

A valid passport

Identification documents

Educational certificates

Employment documents

Proof of accommodation

Proof of financial stability

Incomplete documentation is the number one reason why visas are rejected throughout the world. The consular offices are very particular about complete application documents for the visa process. Your visa can be rejected more than once if your documents are not complete.

To ensure the visa application process is error-proof, wait until you procure all your documents. You can hire solicitors skilled in UK Migration Laws to assist you with proper work permits.

Non-Disclosure of Previous Visa Refusal

Visa refusals are a norm in the immigration process. You can always apply again if you were refused a visa on the first attempt. The UK Immigration Laws have no limits as to when you can reapply for a UK visa. You can reapply the very next day if you want. However, it’s always better to re-evaluate your application form before reapplying. If you’ve been denied visas to other countries, mention that in your next application as well.

Solicitors in London work closely with their clients if their visas have been rejected once. UK immigration lawyers make sure that your application process is transparent. This also includes disclosing on what grounds was your visa was rejected the first time around and how have you changed the status of the declared discrepancy.

Hire London-based immigration solicitors for a smooth immigration process.

Lack of Initiative

Applying for a living in a foreign country doesn’t come easy. A primary question asked during visa application processes includes the whys. You’ll have to clearly outline what makes you reside in the UK.

The information in the application form should thoroughly support the documentation you provide for your cause. Your visa application and attached documents will greatly vary based on the visa type you are applying for. Visas you can apply for are:

Work visa

Tourist visa

Transit visa

Study visa

Other visas include:

Visa to start a business in the UK

Family visa

Sponsorship Issues

Sponsors are permanent residents who take responsibility for an immigrant. You need financial credentials to become a sponsor and proven records of respectable employment in the UK. The process is frequented to support work visas of foreign workers.

An immigration visa to the UK could be refused if there are discrepancies in the sponsor affidavit or sponsor licence. Before applying for a sponsored visa, ensure the following:

Business eligibility to get a sponsor licence

Type of sponsor licence

Staff for sponsor management roles

If you want to pursue your studies in the UK, you should apply through the student visa route. For this, you must be sponsored by a UK- based education service registered with the UK Home Office. Student Visa Policy is provided on official websites by almost all the UK education service providers. If you’re going on a scholarship, your service provider will take care of official permits.

To find visa centres around you, click here.

No Cover Letter

The purpose of a cover letter is to ensure you provide a clear reason for your stay and affirm you’ll not overstay in the UK. You can also chip in additional information in your cover letter that you didn’t add to the application process. A good cover letter rates high in precision. It should be clear and concise with a set format that includes:

Your travel dates

Purpose of travelling

Previous visa refusals (if any)

Additional documents (if any)

A cover letter is not a must with visa applications. People from their personal experience regard cover letters to have helped their case. It’ll only do you good to add one to your visa application.

The visa application process is long and time-consuming. Before you even begin applying for a visa, make sure you have a documents checklist ready. If you want help from immigration lawyers in the UK, go for services with proven success records.

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