What Are The Myths Behind Guest Posting Services

To date, guest posting is one of the most beneficial and efficient long terms content marketing strategies or SEO strategies. It is quite approachable and also simple, even for beginners as well. All you need to do is use your personal brand to get your work published on different high-authority publishers. And as a result, enjoy the rewards of visibility, authority, and traffic for your brand.

Unfortunately, there are a bunch of myths about guest posting that are roaming around the market in this modern era. Here we will talk about the myths behind guest posting that you should not believe at all.

The Myths Behind Guest Posting Services

Here are the most popular myths about guest posting services. In case you are into this digital marketing field or work for the segments of content marketing, are totally aware that guest posting is an important factor for SEO or search engine optimization.

So let’s know the truth

  • Guest Posting Is Dying Or Dead

You will see or have seen many posts and content that is claiming guest posting is dead. Even some authoritative sources also say that guest posting si dying. But in reality, the truth is guest posting is healthily alive. Yes, but there are some changes had taken place in the process of how it used to work.

Some of the examples of the changed work process are the standards of publishers has become tougher, links do not pass the authority the same way it used to pass, and all the content competitions have become fiercer. But still, it has a lot of benefits to offer us; if it is not like that, then you will see far fewer posts in your own news feed.

  • To Start You Require An Existing Reputation

Yes, guest posting is not that easy to break into, but that does not mean that you always have to be a pre-established reputation. If this will be like so, how will anyone start? If it seems that hard to you, you can go for

Suppose you do not have a reputation; you need to start small. You can try getting featured on different small blogs that are from your area, or you also need to work with local publishers. It is true that initially, you will not get many, but it will help you in building the basic foundation and will return more later.

  • It Is Too Much Work

Well, it is true that you need to do a lot of work for an effective guest posting. And it also requires significant upfront investments before reaching the levels that will pay you back for all your efforts. On the other hand, in case you are putting your time in wisely, such as polishing your pieces, working with the proper publishers, developing a long-term strategy, it will return.

All your hard work will pay your back in time. There is no doubt that guest posting is a lucrative strategy with high ROI, but you should have the patience to see it through.

  • It Benefits Only The Individual

The power of the personal brand is most of the time leveraged by guest posting rather than a corporate one. So, there is a misconception in the market that guest posting can only benefit individuals. However, individuals who are working on behalf of any businesses will be able to generate secondary reputation value. And this will make them eventually earn more consumer trust just by leading the publication of all the posts.

  • Guidelines Are All Same

Always keep one thing in mind that every publisher is different. So, it will be a mistake if you think that all are the same after you familiarize yourself with one set of guidelines.

So, for every publisher that you are working with, you need to customize your pieces of content differently as per their specific guidelines. And this includes selecting the right topic, formatting every post correctly, writing for the right audiences. This is not a step that you can just skip.

  • It Is Not At All A Scalable Strategy

Scaling any strategy is not at all an easy task to do. But that does not mean you can not scale strategy. There is a myth that when it comes to the authoritativeness of the particular publisher that you have chosen, there is an invisible wall. And once you reach a certain point, you will no longer get featured on those courses with a higher level.

This misconception is created by those, who once approached a higher-level publisher, got rejected, and end up eventually. You have to work hard in order to move up the ladder. Otherwise, you will not be able to into each publication that you want.

  • Guest posting Allows You To Dabble.

Geist posting is not a strategy that you can just pick up and continue to dabble in here and there. You need to fully invest yourself in the particular strategy in order to get a significant return.

There are some things that you need to focus on, like the quality of the posts that are being published, the regularity of the publishing, maintaining a proper relationship with your audiences. There is no shortcut for success; you have to push yourself if you are willing to see bigger and better results.

  • When The Post Is Published, Your Job Is Done

There are several guest posting proponents who have this particular misconception. Yes, you have done a lot of work and put all of your effort into a guest posting. But you should never think that once your post is live, your job is done.

After publishing, your content you also need to promote, syndicate the piece. Engage your audiences; use your social media channels to promote them.


So, now you get the idea about the eight most common and popular myths that are in the market about blog posting services. Everything depends on you if you work hard enough you will also get the result and will be successful. There is no doubt that guest posting is obviously one of the best SEO techniques in recent times as well.

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