How to Build a Wide Audience with the Right SEO Tactics

Navigating SEO for your small business website can seem daunting at first. You might even consider small business SEO services to help you navigate the vast SEO landscape.

Delegating SEO to an SEO company geared towards small businesses can be a lucrative endeavor and is certainly worth considering in the long term.

In this blog, you’ll learn the essentials to building a wide audience on the internet for your small business website and some critical SEO practices you can’t afford to miss out on.

Keywords and Key Word Strategies

When it comes to keywords, as a small business owner, you’ve got two important tasks to improve SEO for your small business website.

Firstly, you or the SEO marketing company for small businesses that you hire needs to know what your website’s target keywords should be.

Not every keyword is the same. Some have higher search volumes per month and are thus more competitive, while others have lower search volumes and are less competitive.

The size of the keywords your site should target depends on your small business website’s current SEO, rankings, average page views, and reach.

Three young small business owners are improving their website for SEO with keywords together on their laptops

If you have a large website, you should have your web content target larger keywords because it has the SEO juice to win you high rankings for those keywords.

If your website is just starting out in the massive SEO world, though, it’s more lucrative to initially have less competitive keywords with lower search volumes targeted for rankings.

Once your small business website improves its SEO and builds some regular traffic by ranking for smaller keywords, it can go after the bigger keywords and rankings.

Where are these keywords being put, though?

What kind of content should your website have on it?

Write Content That Matters, Because That’s What Converts

A woman is sitting at her kitchen island writing content ideas on a notepad with her laptop placed in front of her

The fact is that fluff pieces don’t convert. Fluff pieces are content blogs created simply to create content rather than actively aiming to provide a target reader with value.

Content that provides value solves a problem for its target reader. That content serves to relieve known pain points for the reader.

Having this kind of content improves conversion rates because now your target customer sees your website as a reputable source to find valuable information to solve their problems related to your niche.

The prospect then enters your sales funnel by opting into email campaigns, subscriptions, newsletters, etc., and ultimately becoming a paying customer at the end of your sales funnel.

In this way, content proves that it’s king.

Have High-Quality Backlinks Built

Backlinks are hyperlinks on third-party websites that link to your website. These connections between other, high Domain Authority websites communicate to Google that your website is “one of the good guys,” so Google improves your rankings accordingly.

Backlinks work and improve your rankings under two essential conditions: high relevance and high domain authority.

When the third-party website you obtain a backlink from has both high rankings on Google, and it also is relevant to your business’s niche, then you’ve got a banger.

A website that meets both of these critical conditions is an ideal contender for you to have backlinks built to improve the SEO for your small business website.

Speed Up Your Website

Google will rank your website based on how user-friendly it is.

One thing users absolutely don’t like on websites is a slow page loading speed.

We live in the digital era in which the average attention span has gone down significantly, to the extent that if your website takes longer than even three seconds to load, that’s too long for users.

Most users will click away to a different tab or website. This action on a large scale results in your website receiving a high bounce rate.

As a small business owner aiming for maximum website SEO, you don’t want a high bounce rate because it will cause Google to reduce your current rankings.

Fortunately, there are many ways one can have their website optimized for optimal user experience. One way to maximize your site’s page speed is to use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to check your website’s current speed.

What’s great about the PageSpeed Insights Tool is that not only will it provide data on your website’s desktop speeds, but it will also provide insights regarding your website’s mobile speeds.

Mobile compatibility is another beast that needs to be tamed if you aim to improve SEO for your small business website.


Mobile-friendliness is critical for your SEO efforts because of Mobilegeddon.

Mobilegeddon was the nickname given to one of Google’s updates to their algorithm. According to this update, any website that’s not mobile-friendly will be punished by Google by lowering said website’s rankings.

Vice versa, though, any website that is mobile friendly is automatically rewarded by Google because it improves how mobile users interact with the website. Mobile and tablet users make up the majority of the internet, so taking that into account, Google rewards mobile-friendliness with higher rankings.

Now you have the tools for a basic understanding of SEO for your website. There are many moving parts to your business outside of SEO, though, so it’ll benefit you as a business owner to look into small business SEO services for you.

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