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Why Cowhide Rugs Becoming Popular And How Enhance The Beauty Of Your House?

Rugs are the decorative fabric that helps enhance the beauty of your house. People with unmatched aesthetic sensibilities will make no sense about how rugs instantly awaken a room. If you want to add a pop of color in your otherwise dull room, rugs are the way to go. Rugs are usually made from thick fabric which is obtained from animal skin. Rugs are typically woven in a length to cover most areas of the room thus keeping the area warm. People also like to sprawl on rugs and do leisurely activities for the comfort these provide. Then there are people who like to carry medium-sized woolen rugs while traveling for a quick dose of warmth.

Hereunder Discuss Cowhide Rugs, Animal Skin Adherent Of The Rug Family, Below:

History Of Rugs:

The concept of rugs or carpets was incepted in Central and Western Asia where they used these as coverings for beaten-earth floors. Carpets covered the floors of houses from ancient times and had substantially become a decorative accent. Rugs and carpets were predominantly used in mosques or palaces, going by history. Rugs started enjoying widespread popularity when wealthy eastern families swore by their beauty beyond their practical functions. Nevertheless, it is a traditional arrangement or a modern, rug found a place in western homes for their sheer elegance.

What Are Cowhide Rugs?

A cowhide rug is made of the whole skin and hair of a cow. Cowhide rugs tend to be environmentally friendly as they are made from the extracts of a living cow. Cowhide rug specialists garner the raw materials either using a chrome tanning method or by vegetable tanning method. The latter is known to be more environmentally friendly than the former. The materials are then processed in a given way to transform them into the very soft and durable rugs that are popularly known as cowhide rugs. This treatment is an extremely important process so as to mark the beginning of its manufacture.  The specialty of cowhide rugs is that these retain the markings of a whole cow. But, sometimes they are re-dyed to create exotic prints too.

What Are The Different Sizes Available In Cowhide Rugs?

Cowhide rugs come in varied shapes and sizes. Rather this will solely depend on the choice of the buyer. The size of the rug usually depends on the size of the animal the material is obtained from. However, there are outsize rugs too to suit the need of some buyers. Then there are rugs that are created by combining two or more hides.

Which Countries Are The Celebrated Makers Of Cowhide Rugs?

 The world’s top four leather manufacturers so far are-China, India, Brazil, and the USA. The mentioned countries raise cows as a means of livelihood and the dairy and meat industry thrive because of them. The hides used for leather production are deemed waste products that they transform into gorgeous home décor items. The waste that could cause harm to the environment, are recycled smartly to create the cowhide rugs.

What Is The Process Of Making Cowhide Rugs? 

A lot of thoughts go into making cowhide rugs. The hides are selected based on their patterning and density. They are then freed from the unpleasant odor and they call the process ‘curing’. Then, the hides are salted and washed for two straight weeks before being tanned eventually. In the method of vegetable tanning, they use tannic acids obtained from tree bark and treat the hide for six months before selling them.

Cowhide rugs are all the rage among home décor enthusiasts these days and if you too are one among them, try cowhide rugs already!

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Written by Brianna Normanby

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