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10 Creative & Beautiful Cards That You Can Make with Die Cutting Equipment

Creativity has its wide range of scintillating wonder which never stops to surprise people when they receive it in the form of greeting cards on various special occasions. These cards are made by putting a die into a special press called a die cutting equipment, along with the desired scrap paper, card stock, or clear page protector. The die cutting equipment allows one to cut as many of each design as needed for creation of the greeting’s cards, like cutting a wide assortment of products – maps, magnetic sheets, comic strips, wallpaper, mat board, self-adhesive paper, fabric, felt, thin plastic, craft metal, burlap, vinyl, compressed sponge, cardstock, vellum, wood felt, patterned paper, and lots of other decorative elements which can be added to the greeting cards. It can also be used to emboss elegant features on the cards. Ever wondered what sort of mesmerizingly creative DIY cards one can make with the help of just some simple scrapbook papers and a die cutting equipment?

(1) Die Cutting Foiled Paper:

Gold foiled paper is widely popular for embellishing the greeting cards and for preparing the bright glittery writing fonts. Since metallic accents are sizzling hot in the creative world and it is widely accepted by people of all age range, die cutting foiled paper is also the mostly used trend for card making purpose. The use of die cut gold foiled paper in the shape of rose attached on the top of a greeting card is a trendy way to gift it to someone’s love on the Valentine’s Day.

(2) Die Cutting Vellum:

Vellum reminisces of parchment paper derived from paper pulp, which is having an attractively translucent look. Adding vellum to the cards adds a fresh dimensionality to it. Vellum can be die cut and can be used for making elegant looking cards. When die cutting vellum, make sure to use an adhesive or glue stick which would appear neat and tidy on the vellum paper, perfectly camouflaging it over the card.

(3) Die Cutting Cardstock:

Cardstocks are heavyweight and they come with myriads of different matte finish colors. Die cutting cardstocks and to attach them to the greeting card make them look posh. Though die cutting the cardstocks require experience, this is a widely used trend for making the cards. Usually, cardstocks are used to embellish a design by adding multiple layers of patterned or contrasting paper for adding more detail.

(4) Die Cutting Woven Fabric:

Woven fabrics add traditional aesthetic élan to the cards. Die cutting those woven fabrics can be more fun when it is to be used for embellishing the fancy greeting cards. There can be a wide range of ornate laces to choose from the woven fabrics which can be cut precisely with the help of die cutting equipment with a quick turn of its lever.

(5) Die Cutting Tassels, Laces, and Fringes:

Tassels, laces, and fringes look ethnic and women love these. Die cutting tassels, laces, and fringes and using it on making cards can add a classic touch to the appearance of cards. Sometimes, heart-shaped cardstocks are also used along with the fringes. Weaving thread through the slits made in the heart and attaching fringes or tassels to it would be fine. Such sort of ethnic cards can be a perfect gift on Mother’s Day and Women’s Day.

(6) Die-Cutting Flowers and Foliage:

Beautiful amber-colored autumn leaves are adored by one and all. Die cutting a foliage of such beautiful leaves and to put them in contrast with fragrant flowers make heavenly gorgeous cards which can be a perfect gift on the day of marriage, anniversary, or other special occasions of remembrance.

(7) Die Cutting Textile:

A casual and carefree approach to making the cards are in style nowadays. Die cutting textile, or more specifically die-cutting jeans can be fun. A combination of die cut bobby print textile putting in contrast with die cut blue denim jeans can make a perfect greeting card for an adolescent lad. Sometimes, die cut football jersey cards are also come on trend during the season of World Cup etc.

(8) Die Cutting Vinyl:

Vinyl is a synthetic resin that comprises either PVC or a similar sort of polymer. Die cutting vinyl is difficult but it is fun at the same time. Generally, die cut vinyl is used in making “accordion” shaped cards. Such cards are made by folding of papers into the shape of accordion pleats which can vary in number and can be arranged either horizontally or vertically. The die cut vinyl pieces are then arranged on the top of pleats to give it a look for accordion reeds.

(9) Die Cutting Wood Veneer:

Veneer usually refers to very thin slices of wood which is used in the art of marquetry. There can be various blends of Mahogany, Walnut, Chestnut, and Cherry wood veneers making all sorts of colors ranging from ochre-yellow to chocolate brown. Die cutting wood veneers can be very intricate and adding it to the cards will make them look aristocratic all in all.

(10) Die Cutting Foam:

Foams are soft like bath sponge and die cutting the foam can easier. Usually, foams are die cut to give it a shape of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and other fictional characters adored by the small kids. After die cutting foams with the equipment, it is recommended to use colored, felt-tipped pens to draw the cartoon figures on it. Once done, it should be added as a layer on top of the card.

Apart from these top ten methods of making cards using die cutting equipment, there are lots of other unconventional ways to make cards other than greeting cards, like professional looking business cards, digital card holding packets etc. which require least amount of effort in making when the die cutting equipment are used. On the whole, die cutting is an art which is helping the craft like card making to survive for a long time.

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Written by Miriam Braga

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