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7 Golden Rules Of Event Photography

For small budget events, event photography can sometimes turn out to be a back burner.

However, it’s possible to capture exceptional photographs highlighting your event without spending thousands of pounds on professional photographers provided you are aware of a few professional tricks of the trade in order to make it happen. This post can help.

  • Create a detailed shot list

If you have a volunteer or staff member taking photographs at the event, create a detailed list of photographs you want them to capture.

Try to be as detailed as possible including everything you want for future promotions or publications. This will help your photographer keep track of the entire event gathering all the images you need.

  • Check whether your lighting’s good enough or not

When it comes to generating high-quality images, lighting is huge.

If the venue of your event is dimly lit, you may struggle to capture great images without the aid of external lighting elements. If it’s a bright day with your event taking place on the outside, arrange for a lens filter for avoiding unsightly shadows.

Certain lighting issues can be perfected while processing the photos, but you should ideally want a well-lit image to begin with.

  • Embrace staged and candid shots 

No matter what your initial planning is regarding your event photographs, it’s always great to have both sets of candid and formal photographs in hand for future marketing purposes.

Having a large number of photographs shot in a diversity of styles will always make things better than not having enough of a variety.

  • Know your key players

In addition to having a shot list for your photographer, you must also be sure to point out the important players at your event.

Do you plan to hand out awards to these persons? Or do you want them photographed while mingling during the cocktail? Key information like these must also be passed along to make sure you get the photographs you need.

  • Try to convey the theme of the event

Your photographs will remain long after the event’s gone.

You should, therefore, want your images to capture the very essence of your event in every possible manner. Whoever’s taking your snapshots should know this feeling that you want to revoke.

Remember to take photos of the venue, the tables, and the overall decorations. Your guests may also come in themed attires. Just make sure you capture all of these moments for effective communication through your photographs.

  • Communicate your plan of utilization

If you’re planning to do event photography, you must have some idea in your mind regarding their utilizations.

Ensure your photographer has this inside knowledge about your agenda, as this can impact the photographs they’re trying to capture.

You may plan to use the photographs in promotional matter for the next year’s event. If the case is indeed so, you would want your photographs exhibit as many attendees and activities as possible to reflect diversity in your marketing effort. This format can have a huge impact on your target audience.

  • Last but never the least, go for a professional

At the end of the day, the best way to get yourself high-quality event photographs is to hire an experienced event photographer.

Professional event photographers have the equipment and skill to highlight the important aspects of your event which can pay off a lot in the long run.

If you have a little bit of extra cash to spare, do not burn yourself by trying to be a photographer in yourself. Go ahead and hire a professional event photographer in your area and reap the rewards in the long term.

Final word

Always remember that as an event planner, your focus should always be on the event, your company, and your clients.

 Having a dedicated volunteer or staff member taking care of these photos can help you with this, but at the end of the day, nobody can help you more than a professional event photographer in properly highlighting the quality of your event.

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Written by Satyajit Seal

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