9 Tips to renovate your kitchen with little money

The kitchen is the heart of the house where we consume more energy and has greater exposure to changes in temperature, vapors or humidity, so it may lose that “shiny” and maybe it’s time to make a renovation.

Small (but very significant) aesthetic changes and betting on new light points to give a feeling of space are some of the tips for refurbishing the kitchen and making it look new. Take pen and paper!

1. Choose the appliances correctly

If you are thinking about changing kitchen appliances, be careful to choose the right ones; those that provide comfort for your day-to-day in addition to being efficient to save energy, water and money.

2. Cabinet doors

To make the kitchen look larger, replace the cabinet doors with wood and glass ones, with dishes, crockery and glasses in sight. You just need everything to be well organized and take advantage of these elements that are also decorative!

3. Change the faucet and handles

Take as much time as you need to choose the faucet and handles for your kitchen, as the transformation with such a simple change is incredible and can be the most stylish element in the room. Tips to check the leakage

4. Points of light

Investing in lighting enhances any room. In the kitchen you can hang lamps or place LED lights under cabinets facing the work surface. Between pendant lamps or built-in LEDs, your kitchen will look different.

5. Include plants

A touch of green is always a good choice, for example, put small pots of clay or different colors to plant coriander, mint or lavender. You can also put up a vertical garden with brackets they sell on large surfaces to hang on any interior wall in the kitchen.

6. A splash of color

If neutral or white colors predominate in your kitchen, it is advisable to add a splash of color and paint just one wall in a striking color to match the furniture, floor and curtains. The colors that are in fashion are gray tones (dark, greenish gray or bluish gray), almond green or orange-pink

7. Wallpaper

A very easy way to give your kitchen personality is to use wallpaper. The range is unlimited, has all kinds of designs for any type of style, in addition to being waterproof and washable, an essential feature, as they are more exposed to dirt in the kitchen.

8. Hydraulic mosaic

Hydraulic tile is a decorative tile painted to add color and joy to the kitchen. It is important to choose the models properly, if the mosaic is very colorful, the final result can be heavy, but if the design is more serious, you can use them in any room. It’s also a fantastic idea for floor coverings!

9. Retro Details

Take your grandmother’s old cupboard and give it a new look, it can be very handy in the kitchen for storing utensils. It will always be useful and will add a special touch to the decor. It’s in fashion!

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