How To Add Finesse to Your Business Reports and Make Them More Impactful

Writing a business report can feel like a tiresome affair. However, if you do it right, you can create something that offers a comprehensive set of valuable and actionable insights. These insights can come in handy for decision-makers when they develop result-oriented business strategies and help the company achieve its business goals. So, what separates an average business report from an excellent one? Read on as we discuss how you can add finesse to your business reports and create something that leaves an impact.

Make Sure Your Report Is Easy to Read

Business reports that contain huge chunks of data can be difficult to read. Remember, professionals are usually pressed for time and this approach can help them glean the most important information by skimming through the report. What you need to do is break down all this information into short paragraphs. Each paragraph should also have a clear and descriptive heading.

You should also use lists, bullets, and tables to summarize the information presented and promote readability. Besides this, it also helps to use a combination of long and short sentences. Using long, run-on sentences can compromise clarity and the reader may not understand the point you are trying to make.

Keep An Eye Out for Any Superfluous Language

If you want to command a reader’s attention, you must sound authoritative. Maintaining a formal, objective, and professional tone is very important here (unless your company’s brand guidelines say otherwise).

Keeping track of this when you are writing the report can be difficult. So, once you are done with your business report, you can review it to identify any terms or phrases that weaken your tone and make the content sound superfluous. You can also trim your sentences to remove any unnecessary words or emotional language that doesn’t add value to your content.

Besides this, you should remove any terms that can lead the reader to interpret the content as an opinion or conjecture instead of fact. This approach is particularly important if you are presenting data that offers clear and definite proof of something. Using weak language in this instance can diminish the impact of your findings and you may fail to capture the reader’s attention.

Visualize Your Data Where You Can

Data visualization is very important if you want to create an attention-grabbing business report. It can help you convert a dull and lifeless business document into something that is creative, eye-catching, and easy to read.

Data visualization also makes it easier for readers to understand and interpret complicated datasets and verify them. It can hold the attention of decision-makers and provide them with the information they need to reach quick and effective decisions. No amount of data tables can achieve the same effect.

There are a few things you should keep in mind here. Firstly, don’t visualize everything. You want to be selective and use your creativity for datasets that will have the most impact. For instance, you can use graphs for most datasets. However, if there’s something that the decision-makers in the company can’t afford to miss, then you can present this information through an infographic instead.

You should also not rely on visuals too much. Not everyone is great at detecting key patterns from graphs unless you point them out. We recommend writing down your key findings to ensure that everyone is on the same page and can understand the value of the information at hand.

Don’t Miss Out Offering Recommendations

Suppose you have managed to create a business report that contains a wide range of fascinating insights. However, you miss out on telling your readers what they can do with this information. This mistake can quickly render your business report redundant.

For instance, let’s assume you have prepared a report on how a 4-day workweek can positively impact worker productivity and contribute to the organization’s bottom line. At the end of this report, you also want to offer practical recommendations that make it easier for the company to switch to a 4-day workweek. You can also outline the limitations and challenges that may prevent this from happening and offer suggestions on how to tackle them. Besides this, you can provide input on other company policies that can supplement these efforts.

In summary, you want to make sure your report is actionable and provides decision-makers with a clear plan they can use to leverage the benefits mentioned.

Get a Professional Proofreader

Once you have a completed your business report, you can get a professional proofreader to go through it. They can remove any spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors and help you present any big blocks of text more clearly. Besides this, you can ask them to check for any complex language that may not be easy to understand.

A professional proofreading service can also make sure that any information or insights you provide are backed up with clear and verifiable references. They can ensure that all the data you have presented is accurate and not misleading. Besides this, this can check for any missing citations or references.

Are You Looking for a Professional Proofreading Service?

If you need a professional proofreading service that can and help you spruce up the language and tone of your report and make sure it is properly referenced, then we recommend reaching out to Edit911. They offer expert proofreading services to academics and corporate professionals and can help you improve your report to bring it up to your organizational standards. They can also offer recommendations that can add more value to your business report and enable you to impress your bosses! Get in touch with them today to learn more. Visit

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