The Most Anticipated Residential Design Trends of 2020

It’s the dawn of a new decade!

And with it come some all-new residential design trends. From colors and designs to features and shapes, the world is ready to see what the greats of the architectural industry have to offer for homeowners.

As a leading residential firm in the U.S., Great House Design has the lowdown on what the New Year has to offer!

Contemporary Minimalism


Think of this as a refined, ‘simple living’ look. Luxurious yet undemanding, the idea behind contemporary minimalism is to create a sanctuary—with as few materials as possible.

The concept involves infusing natural elements with cozy, Scandinavian features to create a harmonious look.

Natural tones and organic shapes, sustainable materials for structure, and a welcoming outdoorsy look—the idea is to allow homeowners to feel as though their home is welcoming them with open arms.

Blocky Shapes

house design

Graphic designs and blockier shapes are dominating the field.

These designs focus on edges. A more assertive look, but with an element of comfort, such designs present a balance of interior and exterior design.

A home on the inside, a fortress on the outside!

Beauty in Storage

home interior design

You can never have too much storage!

And for multi-family homes that require plenty of storage, the idea is to create solutions that don’t take away from the beauty of the house, but instead add to it.

Think a lazy Susan, but with a floor-to-ceiling swirl feature!

Because designers don’t want homeowners to compromise on aesthetic appeal due to storage issues, they’re combining the two and are creating more options, especially those with hidden storage options.

Statement Pulls, Doorknobs and Features

modern door designs

Adding personality to a house doesn’t just have to be limited to adding interior décor elements!

In2020, everyday things will steal the spotlight from large statement pieces. Beautifully designed exterior walls, traditional home plans but with a twist—it’s all about bringing the attention to the basic elements of the house, and letting the smaller details do the talking.

Maximizing the Outdoors

outdoor designs

Terraces, patios, balconies—these are the stars of the design world at the moment! Especially when paired with unique features such as glass curtains, artisanal fire pits, and convertible indoor/outdoor features.

Mobile stoves and other portable features are also being incorporated for use during colder weather.

Natural Designs

While the demand for minimalist and statement homes is on the rise, so is the yearning for naturalism.

Wood grains, stone veins, floor seating, botanical prints, lush greens, floras and faunas patterns in home décor, anything that reminds us of a natural touch is in season. Even natural lighting has taken a front seat, more so than usual.

With floor-to-ceiling windows and tinted glasses taking center stage, 2020 carries over all the natural vibes from last year, while adding more organic elements using raffia, twine, rope, and string features for statement pieces.

Geometric Patterns

wall paterns

Leaning toward minimalist modern but with a touch of contemporary, geometric styles are focused on edgier, modernistic homes. Industrial, vintage, and fitted with high-tech equipment with geometric motifs, these homes take their inspiration from the 1960s, when the world experienced a digital revolution.

Additionally, drawing from the latest design trends of the past decade; the geometric patterns combine pre-psychedelic designs with modern age sophisticated, fresh interiors. More along the lines of gold and black, with pale pastels thrown in for good measure!

Colors Instead of Neutrals

colorful interior home design

Tiles, walls, cabinetry, and fixtures—it’s all about bringing color into the world!

Combining all the colors from the last decade, experts in the design industry predict that people will either go all-out with vibrant colors from the 2010s or will add eye-catching pops of color in the nooks and crannies of an otherwise simply designed home.

The Takeaway

In light of recent geo-political and ecological events, homeowners seem to want a place of respite that’s stylish and fashionable to boot.

In short, trends in the New Year are centered on creating the ultimate comfort zone.

Can’t decide on the right style for your home?

You might want to contact a professional residential design company, such as Great House Design!

A leading residential design firm that offers home plans and custom services to their clients, Great House Design can help you create your own perfect space. So get in touch with them to design a house that you can truly call your dream home!

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