10 Principles of Student Engagement in a Virtual Classroom

COVID 19 has shaken the whole world. No nation or country in the world is safe from this epidemic. Economic institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF are in deep financial crises. The virus is causing irreparable damage to well developed and under-developing countries. From individuals to institutions and from institutions to national and provincial governments, everyone is trying to cope with this sudden disaster, as well as improve economic and social conditions. While the coronavirus has affected every sector of the world, the education sector, like other sectors, has been badly affected.

The most affected area which has a great impact of this pandemic is the Education department. Many countries closed schools, colleges and universities to prevent the epidemic from spreading. All these educational institutions are still closed. More than two billion students around the world are facing severe hardships due to the closure of their educational institutions. This series of educational difficulties has spread all over the world and two billion students are forced to continue their education at home. Fortunately, this epidemic took place in such an advanced age when technology has made many facilities available to humanity and this technology has made much impossibility possible.

Virtual Class Rooms in Covid-19

When virtual reality or virtual technology is being used for teaching in any classroom, it is called a virtual classroom. A virtual classroom is also called a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). There are several forms of the virtual classroom, which are mentioned below. An online virtual classroom is a learning and teaching environment where participating students and teachers can work in a group in an online setting to communicate or message, as well as watch and discuss presentations.

Why opt for virtual learning?

Its medium is mostly video conferencing, where people on both sides of the globe communicate with each other via the Internet. Since there is no time constraint on online apps and chat servers except for when you buy assignments online, this platform provides an opportunity for you to gain in-depth knowledge about your relevant subject. An interactive whiteboard is a touch screen type computer or a large touchpad type board, on which the visible graphics and words are highlighted with the help of a projector and they have moved around with the help of hands like a touch screen.

This interactive whiteboard allows teachers to easily organize and plan their lessons. S/he can schedule specific learning tasks such as sticking names on pictures or matching words. This makes it easier and more interesting for children to learn the names of things and put them on the relevant picture. Most importantly, they have a real picture in fronts of them, such as a leopard or an elephant. Images on a full HD display give the impression of reality. In such an environment, children are so interested in covering the syllabus that they do not want to miss school.

Principles of using virtual technology for E-learning

  1. Virtual reality technology was once very expensive, but since the tools and programs of virtual reality have become cheaper, their application has become common in educational institutions and its importance is being recognized in schools and colleges.
  2. Virtual reality should be used worldwide.
  3. There must be lesson planning and proper design to help students understand the structure. In addition to this, there should be a proper context of content been taught.
  4. To ensure the engagement of every student in a virtual classroom, there must be a pitch of motivation. Be it from the parents or a teacher.
  5. Attempt for labelling the students with roles for the solution of the problem for example if the student has solved the problem related to arts he must assume the role of the artist.
  6. Parents must help children to organize their own space for a virtual class.
  7. Interest must be developed.
  8. Healthy collaborations, when you are dealing with technical subjects or briefing about projects like marketing or nursing assignment help.
  9. Transparent teaching method.
  10. Proper time schedules.

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