15 Google Tips for Teachers and Students

“Just Google it!” This phrase has the answer to all our problems and has the potential to eradicate all our queries timely. Indeed, it is Google’s world which has numerous benefits to offer both for the teachers and the students. In this connection, some of the Google tips for teachers and students are listed below:

  • Search for an exact phrase:

Students and teachers can type an exact phrase or set of words to retrieve the relevant prompt results right away. However, this option should be utilised when specifically looking for a particular phrase or else you may end up excluding helpful search results for yourself.

  • Search results within a particular site:

If you want to retrieve further search results from a particular website, you should include “site:” in your search query. For instance, if you want to learn about Neil Armstrong’s contribution to NASA, type “Neil Armstrong site:” to access prompt results from NASA’s website.

  • Locate a reliable essay help UK:

In the realms of academics, it is important for the students to avail custom writing assistance to score the best possible results for themselves. Students can use the platform of Google to determine a reliable service by searching keywords such as “essay help UK,” UK writers,” “best essay writing service,” etc.

  • Option to exclude search results:

In the search bar, by adding a dash (-) before a word or site can help exclude all the search results including that certain word or site. For instance, if you search for jaguar, your search results are likely to contain information regarding the animal jaguar and the car Jaguar. Suppose, you want information for the animal, you can type jaguar–car to get your desired results.

  • Search pages similar to a particular URL:

Use “related: operator” to find search results similar to a URL you are familiar with. For instance, if you want to know about other news forums, you can punch “” for such results in the search bar.

  • Locate your range:

Place two periods (..) between two numbers to retrieve results about those particular numbers. For example, if you are interested in buying a laptop, you can type $300 or $500 to get search results ranging in the very category.

  • Link to a certain URL:

Type “link: operator” to get hold of pages which link to a particular page. For instance, punch “link:” in the search bar to locate all the pages that link to

  • Search for either phrase:

Suppose you are required to locate pages which contain either of the keywords you have at your disposal. If you type them all together on a search bar, you are liable to get search results incorporating all the punched keywords. However, if you insert OR (capitalised) between those keywords, the Google search engine will show you all the available results. For instance, if you want to learn about climate change, try typing “climate change 2018” OR “climate change 2019.”

  • Fill in the blanks:

If you cannot momentarily decipher a certain word from a phrase, you can seek assistance from Google to do the job for you. Simply, use an asterisk (*) and replace it with the word you can’t recall. For instance, type “a* in need is a* indeed” to fill in the blanks with the search results.

  • Unit conversion toolkit:

The metric units and other standard systems are often used interchangeably in academic numerical solving. However, for a particular problem, the units should be consistent to yield a true answer. For this purpose, Google can assist you to convert from one unit to another readily.

  • Effective timeline research:

Type “view: timeline” and get a detailed timeline account of anything you want to learn about.

  • Access blocked sites:

If you are facing troubles accessing a blocked website, simply type “cache: website address” to get hold of Google’s cached copy for the site.

  • Search for a particular file format:

You can locate your desired file formats through this option. For instance, if you want a PDF file, type “filetype: pdf” in the search bar for related results.

  • Conduct online surveys:

You can promptly collect survey results for any research project by taking help from Google survey forms. The feedback from relevant people can be viewed in your personal Google Docs account.

  • Benefit from Forgotten Attachment Detector:

Suppose, you are composing an email which incorporates phrases such as “Please find the file attached.” However, you forget to attach the very file in the email before sending it. Indeed, you need to compose another one which will consummate your time and will also add a lot to your embarrassment. Signing up for Gmail Labs can save you from such tumult as you can select the Forgotten Attachment Detector to remind you about the file attachment prior to sending the email.

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