Find out how studying a bookkeeping course in Dublin can help you control your career path

Bookkeeping is a lucrative career path that involves everything from maintaining financial records, problem-solving to taking on the role of a financial adviser. Do you have a head for numbers and excellent organisational skills? If so, then read the following list of reasons bookkeeping courses part-time is the perfect option for you.

Finding employment is easy

Almost every business needs to have a bookkeeper, from big industry leaders in finance and economics to the local grocery store in the market. Bookkeepers are wanted everywhere and anywhere, with their demand being simply endless in the business world. As a result of this growing demand, there are great job prospects for bookkeeping professionals in almost every type of industry. If you are equipped with a quality bookkeeping qualification, you can expect to find employment quickly and easily.

Enjoy flexible learning hours

Are you looking for flexible learning hours? Pursuing a part-time bookkeeping programme will allow you to work during your non-academic hours. Furthermore, if you are working as a bookkeeper, you can choose to work either part-time or full time, depending on the organisation you are working for. Additionally, there are freelancing opportunities for bookkeepers too.

No need to multitask

Multitasking will mostly not be a part of your job as you get the chance to prioritise certain tasks over others. Avoiding multitasking altogether is an important factor in the field of bookkeeping, as focusing on a single financial situation at-a-time, and not getting distracted is a top priority.

Earn a steady income

A bookkeeping career is sure to give you stability in terms of your income. Bookkeepers can count on earning a constant and good salary which is set to grow with the years of experience added. Additionally, bookkeepers can also easily transition into higher paid jobs to increase their earning potential later on, if desired.

Land a career that fits your personality

The diversity offered by the bookkeeping career path, allows you to tailor your career to your personality. This includes any stage of your life and comes along with other options such as choosing a job that allows you to move around and work in different settings, or a position where you interact with loads of clients (if you a people person).

A rewarding profession

This rewarding career path is full of opportunities for advancement. Many bookkeepers go on to become auditors and accountants, so the overall professional growth is plentiful.

If you are someone who is a super organised planner, this alone is enough to sign up to a part-time bookkeeping course today!

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