FIVE Legit Jobs For Tutors To Make Additional Money From Home

Are you a professional tutor or a teacher looking for a bit of extra income from home? Well, you are not alone; that’s something for sure.

And lucky for you, there are plenty of ways you can do so by putting your tutoring-associated skills to action even from the comfort of your drawing room. Here, have a look.

1. Score tests

Companies hiring people to score exams from home usually require you to have a minimum of a college degree depending on the type of test paper assigned to you. Sometimes, the job calls for a valid teaching certificate, but that typically comes up once in a blue moon.

This job is flexible in nature and pays off well. Companies to consider include the likes of:

  • Write Score,
  • ETS. And
  • Pearson.

2. Teach online

Online tutoring is on the boom now creating tons of opportunities for teachers or tutors looking to teach students after school from the comfort of their own homes.

So, if you are looking for an extra legitimate source of income from the tutoring point of view, you can always give this option a try. You will find plenty of reliable options on the internet. Here’s one example for your reference:

LearnPick’s unique and personalized online tutoring platform. You, as an interested tutor, will have to contact them personally on their official mail ID and they will set you up in a matter of hours rather than days. Yes; it’s that easy!

3. Sell your own teaching materials

Most teachers/tutors work their socks off outside classrooms to come up with their own study matter. These materials typically reverberate well with students promoting a deep learning of the subject.

When you see your things working well among your students, why don’t you share the same with the world squeezing out a little bit of profit in return?

There’s a free marketplace, Teachers Pay Teachers, where you can sell legitimate and unique teaching resources to other educators at a cost. LearnPick also provides tutors/teachers with an option to upload question papers at a price.

So what are you still waiting for?

4. Sell online video tutorial courses

Just as you can sell curriculum, lesson plans, and worksheets online, you can also sell online teaching courses provided they come in the form of an engaging video.

Although you’ll have to put in a lot of effort and hours to create a compelling video lesson, the effort will be worth it for sure. And also remember that the more number of courses you offer online, the more number of revenue streams you are going to generate.

Some of the best sites for selling online video tutorials include:

  • Udemy,
  • Gumroad,
  • WiziQ,
  • Digital Chalk, and more.

4. Freelance educational content in your free time

There are several companies out there who are actively looking for people capable of writing educational content.

Some of these companies want subject matter experts or teachers writing for them, while others aren’t that selective. Some of your companies to consider should include the likes of:

  • Enotes,
  • ACT,
  • Shmoop, etc.

5. Use your specialization to your advantage

If any particular subject turns out to be your specialty (like a foreign language or any art and craft skill), there are certain ways you can explore to put that knowledge to good use.

For example,

If you work as a foreign language professor, you can also work as a translator in your off-time. If you are proficient in painting, you can sell some of your best works on Etsy. Like they say, it does not matter what you do, as long as you do.

A final word…

Finally, I’d like to say that teaching on the side does require a good investment of time and energy; something that you may have in limited quantity. Yet, these opportunities highlighted above can be as rewarding as it can get, provided you have the mettle and the knowledge to make it big out there.

So why not experiment with a few before finding out the right one for you? After all, they are free!

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Written by Satyajit Seal

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