Is communication and electronics engineering one of the fastest-growing sectors in India?

With the recent advancements in technologies, most organisations are choosing to introduce smarter technologies into their operations to increase work efficiency. These innovative technologies are ultimately part of a far more versatile field, the communications and electronics engineering (ECE) sector. The ECE sector has amplified significantly in the last few decades, which makes it an ideal option for future engineers, who are seeking to obtain gleaming career prospects. Let us take a peek at the popular technological areas which provides job opportunities to students, after acquiring a B.Tech in Electronics and Communication engineering.

  • Wireless Communication – This field plays an important role in the everyday lives of the modern generation. Wireless communication engages communication techniques between multiple systems without any physical medium connecting them. The different types of wireless communication systems include:
  • Satellite Communication: This field employs electronics and communication to provide communication links between various regions on our planet, using artificial satellites.
  • Microwave Communication: Microwave technology is another sector that requires electronics and communication techniques to transport data information. It is a scalable and flexible technology, whose application ranges from network connectivity to medical imaging.
  • Radio Communication: Broadcast radio technology makes use of the radio frequency spectrum to transfer data over long distances. It offers communication services that allow users to speak over multichannel radios.

Some of the other applications of this sector include infrared communication, Wi-Fi, mobile communication systems and the Bluetooth technology.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) – IoT has its applications spread across all spheres of technology, from the healthcare to security systems. This sector has turned into one of the leading trends of technology, as its introduction is known to simplify any task, unifying the global society at the same time. Some of its unique applications include:

               – Smart irrigation and weather monitoring system;

               – Home automation;

               – Automated street lighting;

               – Surveillance camera.

  • Robotics – This branch of electronics and communication deals with the construction and application of machines capable of replicating human motions. It has grown to become a highly-trending sector, which mainly focuses on employing robots to perform specific tasks in order to enhance productivity.
  • Digital Image Processing – This sector puts emphasis on the minimisation of signal noise and distortion, thereby improving pictorial representation. Such processing of digital images is typically carried out using computer algorithms. One of their current application includes face detection to unlock smartphones. Certain enterprises, nowadays, are also employing image processing algorithms to detect images and execute a task.

If you are willing to gain foundational knowledge the popular areas of study in electronics and communication, then pursuing a B. Tech degree in this sector is an appropriate choice for you.

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  1. That’s a really nice blog Peter! Engineering Colleges in India are focusing on AI and Machine Learning to make their students ready for future technology. India is emerging as a country with so many potential engineers and will contribute to the global society.

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