Is studying a Global MBA programme the path to a successful future?

If you’re a graduate considering further study, it is useful to know that there has been an increase in the number of different MBA options available. Even if you are not from a business background, there are still a number of programmes that may suit you. 

Individuals are motivated to pursue MBA studies for a variety of reasons such as the desire to start a new business, to increase their salary and to improve social status. In addition, individuals may see this as an opportunity to gain global exposure, particularly if they are considering working abroad.

Global MBA programmes are structured to help students acquire skills that allow them to successfully deal with the demands of the modern business world. The world is an increasingly dynamic place and business trends are constantly evolving. Having an MBA is a good way of keeping up with the changing pace.  

Studying for a Global MBA is also an excellent choice if you are considering having an international career. In order to do business abroad successfully, you will need to understand the nuances of different cultures. The way that people conduct business in your country of origin may differ from how it is conducted in another country. For example, in China, business cards are to be presented with both hands on the card, facing upwards, which is something you may not experience in the Western world. Studying a Global MBA will teach you how to adapt and work with people from a variety of cultures.

In addition, many programmes offer you the opportunity to tailor your courses to your business interests. There are three main types of modules included in the programmes: core courses, specialisations and global projects. You will build a fundamental understanding of business through your core courses in topics such as decision making, leadership, negotiation and management accounting. Your specialisations will allow you to learn about topics that you think will be relevant to your career or to the business you want to work in/run in the future. 

You will need to consider how to get into a business school to study a Global MBA. It is recommended you find a mentor, friend or an MBA coach who is aware of the admissions process. You should then: 

  • Analyse what option is the best for you and which school will be most beneficial to enhancing your business skills;
  • Identify your academic and professional strengths and weaknesses;
  • Search for schools that match your needs by visiting their websites or using Business Week and the Financial Times to find the top ranked schools. 

If you are looking to broaden your horizons, opt for a Global MBA programme now and gain practical skills, cultural understanding and commercial awareness!

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