Make Learning Calculus Easier Than Ever Before with the Best Calculus Apps

I’m not the best when it comes to math, so I like to have plenty of resources in my back pocket to keep my math game going strong. Over the last few years, I’ve collected a number of mobile apps that I use to help me study math (right now I’m in calculus, so I use the majority of my math apps to help me study and solve calculus problems and memorize basic calculus formulas).

I want to share these apps with you in the hopes that, just like they’ve helped me, you can use these to better your understanding of calculus. I’ve been using them all for a while, so I have enough information to provide you with a well-rounded list of the pros and cons of each app, which I have included here below.

Coursera – Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 5M

Coursera is amazing because it has more than 2,000 high-quality courses (including calculus!) that are designed by university professionals in order for people to learn new topics.You can use these courses to advance your career, quench your curiosity, or do better at school. And, you can stream lectures any time of the day or you have the option to download them so you can use them offline. You can even earn certifications by taking certain courses, which is totally amazing.

Even though I have Coursera listed first, it’s actually the newest to my collection. I was recently perusing the internet to see if there were any calculus apps I might be missing and, sure enough, there was – this one! I came across this app from a website with a list of the top apps for calculus and I like it so much I wanted it to be front and center in my review. I’ll link the site where I found it so you can take a look too.

Best 10 Apps for Learning Calculus

Just be aware that there was a recent update to the number of characters allowed for the email login, which may limit you if you want to log in via your email. I would recommend either logging in a different way or choosing a shorter email address, but that’s honestly up to you.

Pros: A wide variety of course options, offline capabilities, stream lectures any time

Cons: There are character limits for the login information

Overall: As long as you don’t use a long email to log in, you can access thousands of courses and lectures on a variety of topics, including calculus

Mathway – Rating: 4.4, Downloads: 5M

With Mathway, you can easily double check your answers on homework assignments or practice problems while studying for an exam. You simply have to type in the math equation you’re working on and Mathway will automatically show you the various ways you can solve it. What’s really cool is that if you don’t have time to write in the entire equation, you can just snap a quick picture and get the solution in a matter of seconds.

While Mathway can solve most problems, I have experienced a few times where the app doesn’t recognize the equation, so it can’t be solved. While this is frustrating, sure, the developers have said that they’re constantly updating the system, so hopefully this will happen less and less.

Pros: Double check homework answers in seconds, take a picture of the equation to have it solved

Cons: Occasionally there are equations that the system doesn’t recognize

Overall: While there are some equations the system doesn’t answer, it still makes it super simple to double check your math homework

Khan Academy – Rating: 4.6, Downloads: 5M

There are more than 10,000 tutorial videos available on Khan Academy (how crazy is that?!) to help you understand key concepts in a variety of topics like calculus. You can test your knowledge of a subject with practice questions – almost like a calculus cheat sheet – that offers instant feedback as you go so you can see how well you are performing. Then you can bookmark your favorite lessons and come back to them later for more practice. Not to mention, you can access lessons offline for learning tools when you need them most.

After a recent update, the lessons occasionally won’t load properly. It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does, I just have to shut down the app and re-open it again. This can be annoying (especially if you only have limited study time) but you’ll have to see for yourself.

Pros: Thousands of tutorials in a variety of subjects, use practice questions, bookmark lessons

Cons: Sometimes the app doesn’t load properly

Overall: You have a wide assortment of resources at your fingertips to learn more about calculus, just know that sometimes the app doesn’t load quite right and you may have to try again


I hope you’ve enjoyed the insights I’ve provided above. I’m really enjoying these apps right now and, as my grades can tell you, they’ve really been helping me out. If you’ve ever considered looking into apps to help you with calculus, I can’t recommend these three more.

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