Decoding Men’s Street wear and Street Style

Streetwear is in vogue. Right from branded semi-formal attire to casual and trendy ones, streetwear is creating an uproar in the men’s fashion industry. The traditional fashion of yesteryears has taken a backseat, and the modern, as well as the fusion fashion mantra, is making the rounds. Fashion designers showcase the same while making the rounds that catch your attention. These ‘streetwear looks’ are the indication as to what will be rocking the fashion industry in the upcoming years, and how much we will be wearing in the coming season. The following discussion is all about decoding men’s streetwear and street style to help you gauge better and wisely.

1. Blown-up checks

If you are the person who has started experimenting with various designed overcoats, right from the checked jackets, then you are an apt follower of ongoing fashion trends. But to add-on with some twist, plan to incorporate stamped or checked patterns at the backside or all-over your overcoat. These blown-up checks, toned-down checks, graphic ones, and checks on the bomber jackets do give the ‘hip- and-happening’ look!

2. Bright Coloured Layers

Streetwear fashion is strategically trying hard to overturn the school of thought with the implementation of bright colors. Who does not prefer the ‘all black’ look, but at certain times muted tints do make a difference. They do successfully give the ‘larger than life’ attribute. For instance, you can wear a basic hued hoodie below your overcoat or else try transforming your upper layer as the most attractive one.  Most importantly, lighten up, as well as brighten up!

3. Spots and Stripes

It is not just the fashion industry for women who is famous for animal prints. The men’s industry also has triggered news with the zebra or leopard printed outfits. A handful of daring ones does wear the said prints to carve a niche in the fashion world. Right from overcoats, scarves, hoodies or jumpers, these streetwear style decodes fashion in real sense nowadays.

4. Worldly-wise Beret

Characteristic black or grey berets with suits or semi-formal attires are the in-thing for streetwear fashion. Irrespective of any season, berets cast their magic spell on any of man’s fashion. They are meant not only for freezing winters. Summers, as well as other seasons,  are handled wisely with the same. Wear a beret, along with a knitted scarf with round glasses to showcase the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ look.

5. Go green

In recent times, green is the color that is mostly seen and assumed in a broader sense in the men’s fashion industry. It can be said to be an experimental color, while the real beauty of this color lies in it being versatile. Right from a green woolen coat to a green beanie, men are playing the classic tone of fashion. Try getting rid of the military-print ones, and embrace the greens!

6. Stone-washed types of denim

Once upon a time, stone-washed denim and the acid-effect ones ruled men’s denim industry. They are cool, but then the rubber-stamped light-wash denim is making the rounds. These loose and straight-fit ones do a massive difference, as skinny ones are slowly becoming obsolete.

7.Oversized Wraps

There is a very infamous saying in the fashion industry – ‘first they laugh, then they follow.’ It could not have been more accurate, as the over-sized wraps are successfully creating an uproar in the fashion world. It is doing the rounds among ordinary people, thus making them aware of the recent fashion trend. To keep things on the right path,  they are worn with an otherwise trimmed attire to keep things rightly experimented.

8. Neutral hues

Fashion and season generally go hand-in-hand. With the onset of autumn or winter months, it thus signals that it is the correct time to don shades of navy, grey or black. Try balancing the same with neutral hues like beige, white, cream, stone, or camel. It thus helped in uplifting color coordination in the fashion industry. Most of the style-conscious men are the proud owners of neutral-colored camel coats. So, it is required merely to add a light-hued jumper beneath, along with fine-tailored pants. Lastly, the white converse will do the final talking.

9. ‘Corporate’ in nature

Tailoring for today’s generation is yet another fashion mantra of the designers. Oversized shirt-jackets and loose matching pants are doing rounds! It states to be somewhat ‘corporate’ in nature, with a tinge of semi-formal effect. Most of you can opt for the same while wearing a big dialed trendy wristwatch in one hand. Balance it with beaded bracelets for men on the other. The whole outlook will make heads turn!


Useful gear, luxurious outerwear, and strange-looking pants are just a handful of streetwear styles. The discussed style factors above, if followed, will aid in decoding your streetwear style statements. So, happy and successful decoding!

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Written by Emma Willson

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