Essential Postpartum Wardrobe Tips and Must-Have Pieces After Baby

New moms have their jobs cut out for them and the last thing they think about is what they will wear once the baby comes. However, you need something comfortable to wear to be able to get back to your life. And cute, yet comfortable postpartum clothes can help get you back on track.

Choosing what to wear with a new and still-healing body can be tricky. You need to prioritize clothing that will fit your new lifestyle as a new mom. So, you should primarily look for comfortable, practical clothing that is easy to wash, accommodates breastfeeding, and can be easily mixed and matched.

To help you out we gathered a small list of must-have postpartum clothing pieces.

Essential elements of postpartum clothing

Before we jump right into the must-have pieces list, let’s discuss some of the main elements your postpartum clothing should have.

During pregnancy, it’s easy because we have maternity clothing to reach for. Maternity clothes are specially designed to accommodate your growing belly and they can be pretty cute and comfortable. But what about postpartum fashion?

You’re faced with the dilemma of whether to keep using maternity clothing or jump straight into your regular clothes. And the truth is that none of these options fit you well anymore. So, what then?

Then you try to get yourself cozy postpartum clothing. To be able to do this, you need to know what to look for.

Start by looking for flexible fabrics. Your body is still recovering and constantly changing, so it would be a good idea to invest in clothing that can keep up with your body. So, flexible fabrics that stretch and have enough elasticity in them are what you need.

Next, you should look for pieces that are easy to maintain. You already have so much on your plate, so you don’t need difficult-to-maintain clothing. Plus, babies are messy, so easy to wash and care for clothing is perfect for you.

Postpartum clothing should also be neutral in color so that you can easily mix and match your pieces. Plus, don’t forget to look for clothing that makes it easy to breastfeed.

Yet another thing to consider when looking for postpartum clothing is price. Don’t invest too much in this transitional clothing. As we mentioned, your body is changing and you’ll be wearing these clothes for a month or two, no more than that. Look for postpartum clothes in online clothing shops and also look for affordable wholesale clothing in Melbourne. You might find exactly what you’re looking for.

Postpartum clothing must-haves

Some of the clothing essentials for the postpartum period should include elastic waist bottoms, leggings, and biker shorts, then easy-to-breastfeed tops, tank tops, flowy dresses, and layering pieces, to name a few.

Elastic waist bottoms

When it comes to postpartum bottoms, the most important part is to get pants with elastic waist. Now, these may include comfortable lounge pants or drawstring joggers. On the other hand, many women also love leggings and biker shorts for their postpartum period.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you prefer. If you want to keep everything tucked in, high-waisted leggings or biker shorts can help you with this. However, you can also opt for cozy, flowy pants with a drawstring around the waist if you prefer loose bottoms.

Nursing-friendly tops

To make things easier on yourself, during the postpartum weeks or even months, always wear tops that allow you easy access for breastfeeding.

The necklines of nursing-friendly tops and blouses are usually a scoop or V-neck which are perfect for breastfeeding access. Button-down shirts and flowy blouses are also great options. So, if you have plenty of these, you won’t need to invest in nursing tops.

Wearing these types of shirts will save you time and energy you’d otherwise waste constantly changing.

Tank tops

Yet another great postpartum wardrobe option is a basic tank top. Tank tops are especially handy during the summertime. Not to mention how easy to layer tank tops are.

When looking for tank tops, make sure you opt for ones that have drop-down straps. Those types of tanks are ideal for breastfeeding and pumping since you won’t need to undress.

Flowy dresses

Flowy dresses are excellent postpartum clothing pieces. They are perfect and comfortable in the warmer weather. They are loose enough to keep you cool, plus they allow easy access for pumping and breastfeeding.

The best types of postpartum dresses are wrap dresses. They are stylish and they complement almost any body type. These dresses accentuate the waistline, and on top of that, they are perfect for breastfeeding. And probably the best part is that you can wear them even after the postpartum period.

Layering pieces

If you want to look put together, you need to invest in good layering pieces. Layering pieces such as blazers, cardigans, and jackets are perfect items to dress up almost any outfit.

Take for example a simple leggings and tank top look, you can completely transform it with a blazer or a cardigan. And as a new mom, you need a layering piece or two for when you’re going out.

Bottom Line

Since the postpartum period is a transitional period, you shouldn’t invest too much in new clothing. Use what you have or if you’re going to be buying, concentrate on quality instead of quantity.

Remember, your postpartum wardrobe should be comfortable, functional, and flexible.

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