What are paithani sarees & types of paithani sarees you should know

Irrespective of the occasion, sarees are the ultimate fashion wear to opt for. From weddings to festivals to formal events, you can wear a saree on any given occasion. But if you are looking forward to wearing something classy and traditional during the upcoming festivities, paithani sarees are the best choice.

A paithani saree holds a lot of significance in Maharashtrian culture, and you can wear them at weddings and festive occasions to stand out from the crowd. This saree originates from Aurangabad in Maharashtra and has been worn by the royal family of Paithan too. Also known as the ‘Queen of Sarees, a paithani saree features pure silk threads, silver zari, and traditional brocade designs.

If you are a bride-to-be, the bride’s sister, or the maid of honor, you can wear a paithani saree for a unique look. Paithani sarees are radiant and give you a royal effect when worn during the festivities. Check out these types of paithani sarees that you can wear this festive season.

  1. Bangdi mor paithani saree: This paithani saree will take you closer to nature because it is adorned with peacock motifs and also features the jewellery element: the bangle. The print on this saree comes together to form a peacock in the shape of a bangle. The gold zari temple border is also an attractive feature of this saree because it consists of beautiful floral and peacock motifs.
  2. Ekdhoti weave paithani saree: The weaving of this saree is unique because a single shuttle is used for weaving the weft. This paithani saree comes in bright shades of pink and purple and features a narali border and simple butti designs such as coins or peas.
  3. Brocade paithani saree: If you want to bring a twist to your traditional paithani look, a brocade paithani saree is a must-buy. This saree features brocade designs all over the golden zari border. The more intricate the work of the brocade, the more expensive your saree will be.
  4. Munia brocade paithani: Munia means parrot in Marathi. So naturally, this type of paithani saree features parrots printed all over it. You will find parrot and floral motifs all over the pallu and the border of this paithani saree. But the interesting thing is no matter what colour the paithani saree will be, the parrot motifs will always be green in colour and are also known as ‘tota-maina’.
  5. Paithani saree in traditional colours: There is no doubt that a paithani saree will look beautiful in every colour. But paithani sarees mainly come in three traditional colours such as kali chandrakala or a jet black saree with a red border, Raghu or parrot green colour and Shirodak which means pure white colour. Stick to these colours for a more traditional approach.

These are the types of paithani sarees that you can buy this festive season. You can style them in different ways, such as with a designer blouse or traditional jewellery such as a gold choker and matching earrings and bangles to complete your look.

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