Read To Know How Term Insurance Can Help In Every Stage Of Life


Life moves quickly, and being well-prepared is essential to keeping up with its pace. Looking back, the importance of this preparation becomes clear, especially when we consider our journey towards financial stability. In a world where success is often measured by financial security, this goal unites us, regardless of whether we’re fresh out of college and starting to earn, at the peak of our careers, or approaching retirement.

Growth and stability, when pursued concurrently, can have a compound effect. Financial stability and growth allow you to improve your life and reduce your worries. However, while your portfolio may include investments with high potential rewards, these often come with correspondingly high risks. In such scenarios, term insurance becomes essential. It represents a prudent investment choice that introduces an element of stability amidst the volatility of high-risk ventures.

You may ask, why term insurance? Term insurance provides you with the rewards you need in the form of higher coverage for your life against affordable premiums. The entry barrier is not limited at all. From young adults to someone who is of the age of 60 years, all can get insured with term insurance.

Why do young adults need term insurance?

  1. Begin early: The earlier you begin, the lesser your term insurance premium is. For example, someone who is just 18 can get their life covered for up to ₹1 Crore and pay just ₹15,000 pa as premiums.
  2. Get disciplined with finances: It creates a habit of saving and setting aside money for investments. As one grows, the habit is a game changer in the world of personal finance. The discipline gives multifold rewards in the long term.
  3. Emergencies: While young adults may seem to have relaxed lives, an emergency can crop up in anyone’s life. In a situation where a personal loan has to be taken, the term insurance can act as collateral.

There are multiple reasons why youth need to take term insurance. Let’s indulge in discussions that are transparent and create an awareness for the betterment of the youth.

Moving on, experienced professionals and soon-to-be retirees need term insurance, too. Kudos to your visionary approach for those who have got it early. You are not alone for those who have learned it the hard way.

  1. Protect financial interests: If you are a sole income earner in your family, you know how important this is. In case of your demise, your family’s financial needs can be taken care of with term insurance.
  2. Riders: Your policy can be tweaked with riders that round it up nicely. From disability riders to critical illnesses and more, add them to your policy.
  3. Tax benefits: The premium you pay can help you claim some tax benefits. In case your family claims the sum assured, it is tax-free in most scenarios.

Given the benefits mentioned above, you can think about how term insurance can help you. Discover the joy of financial freedom with stability mixed with growth in your portfolio.

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