7 Classic yet Delicious Spanish Desserts, Should try in Spain

If you have still not tried Spanish desserts means you miss something. Spanish dishes are delicious and mouth-watering. No more techniques they use traditional baking tricks. Still, they are simply the flavour is distinct and alluring. Doesn’t matter you have not visited Spanish; you can give a try and enjoy Spanish dishes at home for celebrating special occasions. Christmas is just around the corner and if you want to try Spanish dishes, please select the Delicious Spanish Desserts ideas mentioned here. All are specially made on occasions so you can give a try to make this at home during Christmas celebration time.

1. Flan

The custardy dessert is a popular Spanish dessert. Spanish flan is renowned dessert because Spain spread this dessert to Latin America. Flan is made up of fresh milk and condensed milk. The baked custard dessert is one kind of caramel pudding. This is nicely layered with caramel sauce of favourite flavour. Flan is baked with water then egg because the egg-based custard is very delicate. You can add so many other flavours like orange, coconut, coffee, vanilla to customize the dessert of o choice.

2. Polvorones:

The almond cookies are very soft and delicate so you have to handle it with care. Polovornes are specially baked in Spanish during Christmas for cake delivery to Spain. Polvorones are made up of granulated sugar, raw almonds, butter, unbleached flour and cinnamon. Previously these cookies were available in September to January. But now it is available all throughout the year. If you want the traditional taste you can ask the baker to bake Polvorones for you. It really tastes great you must try it.

3. Churros:

In Spain, you will find lots of cafeteria having churros as a main morning or evening snack. Churros is a famous traditional dessert in Spain. It is generally made up of simple ingredients like flour, sugar, baking powder and vegetable oil. Spanish people love to eat churros with hot chocolate. It is very fun to make it at home. Surprisingly the fried churros can be preserved for 2 days in room temperature. You can make this simple dessert at home before the time so that you can enjoy the celebration time.

4. Turrón:

Turron is a delightful, healthy treat made for celebrating the Christmas period. Turron is a classic traditional recipe made up of honey, sugar, eggs and lots of nuts. Turron is a must dessert when you are celebrating Christmas. Turron flavour varies due to the customization option. Mostly the outer layer is covered with lots of almonds, pistachios and other dried nuts. Turron is baked during Christmas time but now it is available in Spanish bakeshops all around the year. Mostly Spanish people use to take turron box as a Christmas gift for family and friends.

5. Tarta de Queso:

Tarta De Queso is a Spanish baked cheesecake. Most cheesecakes are non-baked and creamy. Tarta De Queso has also named a burnt cheesecake. Actually, this cheesecake has no biscuit bottom it is fully made up of crème cheese. This is baked and burnt to enjoy the dark, crisp and mysterious dessert. The crisp texture is not too sweet not so creamy. You can use lots of crème cheese.

6. Miguelito:

A crème filled Spanish pastry is an all-time favourite dish of Spanish people. It looks like puff but it’s a crème filled puff. It’s a simple recipe just fill in the crème and fold and bake it. A simple crème puff can be stored for a week. This puff pastry can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Migerlitos needs little ingredients for preparation and baked easily in no time. This dessert especially served during celebrating times in Spain.

7. Frisuelos:

The Spanish crepes are just made up of sugar, butter and milk. Thin sugary pancakes can be enjoyed during Christmas time. Frisuelos is a quick recipe that can be made during any time of the day. Preparation is very simple. Just mix the right amount of ingredients and spread it on the pan. You can easily make it at home for lunch or dinner. This thin crepe sugary pancakes are mouth melting. Some do variations like topping cheese, Ordene chocolates en línea and décor it with chocolate shredding.. Some make it simple by sprinkling granulated sugar.

so this Christmas get ready to indulge into some finest treats of Spain. We have brought you the most delightful and scrumptious Spanish desserts to enjoy during the celebration time. So this Christmas give a try to Spanish dishes and enjoy celebrating Christmas time uniquely.

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