Different Variety of Italian Rice

If we talk about Italian rice, then there are different varieties of rice available, and each one of these is different from one another in taste, size, and how they grew. If you are looking to buy Italian rice for yourself, then you first need to know what type of rice you want to buy, and then you can visit the online rice store for purchasing it.

  • Carnaroli

Italian carnaroli rice is one of the most popular rice which is used in the preparation of the risotto. These rice’s have short grains with the high content of the starch. That makes it possible for Carnaroli rice to absorb the liquid without being overcooked and creating the yummy creamy texture that makes a great risotto.

Carnaroli rice risotto was discovered by Emiliano Carnaroli and is called the king of Italian rice.

  • Riso Violet

It is the purple-colored rice cultivated by the Eleonora Bertolone. The plant, as well as the seed of the Riso Violet rice, is purple because of anthocyanins. This substance is anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant, makes the rice look purple on your plate, and is even responsible for its rich aroma. You can enjoy this rice by combining it with meat or fish dishes and taste best when it is simply boiled along with virgin oil and Parmigiano cheese.

  • Riso Nano Vialone Veronese

This variety of rice is the rice of Japonica and Vialone Nano type and is grown beautifully in the fertile land of Verona karst plain.  This rice has its unique flavor and aroma that last longer as they are cultivated from the land with high nutrition. This rice is perfect for risotto as it cannot be overcooked easily and can be cooked in enough water so that it does not become too mushy.

  • Riso Orange

Like Riso Violet, this Riso Orange rice is also cultivated by the Eleonora Bertolone. This rice is just like ordinary rice, but once it is cooked, the color of rice turns to bright orange color. This rice is perfect for the salads and can also be served with meat and fish dishes.

  • Arborio

Arborio is one of the richest Italian varieties of rice that is used for preparing risotto as well as puddings. The grains of this rice is short, rounded with a high on starch content that makes the textures to be creamy after cooking. While cooking this rice, you should never wash or rinse it as then it will lose its creamy texture. You can even use Arborio for making minestrone or arancini soup.

Why Use Carnaroli Rice for Making Risotto?

Whenever a risotto dish is mentioned, then along with it, carnaroli rice is also mentioned. Have you ever wondered why? This is because the starch content of the carnaroli rice is higher than any other variety of Italian rice. Even the texture of the rice is firm, which makes the risotto creamier. If you want to make your risotto better and tastier then buy carnaroli rice online. However, do yourself a kind favor and keep your eye open while buying Italian carnaroli rice.

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