5 Important Questions to Ask When Vetting an SEO Agency

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In this digital world, ranking at the top of the search result decides the future of your company. The space that you achieve on different SERPs defines the attraction and interest of the customers for your products and services. In case the ranking of your company is not great and visible, you can never expect traffic on your site and any conversion for the revenue.

Ranking on search engines is not rocket science but a well-defined concept given by the marketing experts known as SEO or search engine optimization. If you do not belong to the marketing background, the term would be frightening for you. Also, you might face problems while hiring professionals for doing your company’s SEO. So, to stay away from such issues, you should hire a well-reputed SEO agency that will look after your company’s SEO. The agencies are SEO focused and are equipped with certified SEO experts. But, you should be very careful while hiring them.

Many SEO agencies are the biggest scammers in the industry but term them as the SEO experts. They get success in their plans by offering affordable SEO services to company owners. You should be extra cautious about such offers and ask the following questions when vetting them.

Ask about the service offered by them

It’s one of the important questions to ask the SEO agency because there are a few that work as a digital agency but not as a core SEO service provider. The digital service is very vast and includes services like web designing, graphic designing, web development, and SEO. These agencies might be reputable, but it does not mean that their SEO department is successful. They generally work with junior staffs that are not so specialized in SEO.

Ask about the result that they have achieved 

You will come across several SEO agencies that will offer case studies and the successful result of the handpicked customers to showcase their work. The details provided by them will be helpful but do not trust them blindly. Instead, you should research on the personal level. You should read the testimonials and check the status of the website of the customer who left a review. Check for the Meta title on their site and search the same on Google to know the ranking.

Ask about the SEO packages and prices

We know you will look after affordable SEO packages, but this does not mean that you will accept the cost decided by them for the packages. You should research deep and fir price details. SEO is a set of techniques that are either paid or unpaid. Ask the company about the process that they will follow and bits about the charges. It’s better to contact directly with the SEO person who is going to perform the process for your company’s website. Don’t fall for the sales pitch given by the representative.

Ask about the transparency in the work

A lot of bad things can happen to you and your company if the SEO agency is not true and transparent in its work. You should enquire about the work process and the SEO reports. You should work with the company that is willing to provide a weekly and monthly report. If the company denies it, you should look after other options. The report should contain a summary of the activities, search traffic, search ranking, and conversions.

Ask about the guarantee on the SEO results

This question is very tricky and the SEO agency might get trapped in it. To boost its services, the agency might claim that it will bring your business to the top of the search result in a month. If something like this happens, you should switch on your alert mode because it can never happen. If the company guarantees such a result, it means the firm is using black hat SEO methods. SEO is a technique that gradually increases the rank of the website.

These are 5 important questions that you ask when vetting an SEO agency. With the help of these, we ensure you will find the right SEO agency and SEO packages in India as well as in other countries.

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Written by Khushboo Agarwal

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