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Easy to make these no-bake Tarts

TART is a baked dish which has a filling over the pastry base with an exception of an open top without a pastry. Its origin can be traced back in the French culinary. Earlier it used to have meat as its filling but with the time it has evolved and is enjoyed today as a sweet or a desert.

Though it is a baked dish, we are going to experiment with it a little bit. We have made it simple yet delicious for you so that you can appease the taste buds of your kid in no time without compromising on its sweet taste.

Here we are going to make oreo Nutella tart but keep in mind you can always substitute them with fruits or custard for increasing the nutrition value in your kid’s diet.

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No bake oreo Nutella Tarts


1) 15 oreos

2) ¼ cup melted butter

3) ½ cup nutella

4) ¼ cup sour cream

5) 1tbsp sugar

6) 1 cup raspberries


1) Put the oreos and melted butter in the food processor. Mix them until they become crumbly.

2) Take the oreo crumbs and shape them tightly in tart molds. Now put them in the freezer for 1 hour.

3) Pour nutella, sour cream and sugar in a bowl and mix them until smooth.

4) When the oreo crumbs freeze remove them the molds and pour the mixture of nutella, sour cream and sugar onto it.

5) Topple them up with raspberries or strawberries for a boost of nutrition.

Your tart is ready to be served. See how easy it is to make it just in 5 minutes.

They are a perfect blend of sweets and nutrition. Its looks are almost killing so just wait as your kid sees it for the first time and capture this moment to be reminded of your sweet little experiment and how your beloved kid reacted to it. I bet you s/he will not be able to resist it.

These are the small bits to make your kid happy but they mean a lot to them. They will feel valued and listened to. They will feel loved. These are the things that go a long way in building and affecting their personality.

You can also make this for your kids birthday party or for a kids section in a party. The children are going to love it and praise you and might go back to tell their moms to make them this delicious no-bake oreo nutella tart. So if their mothers happen to ask you the recipe, give them this recipe to appease their kids.

Happiness shared is the happiness increased and also sharing is caring, right ?

Share this happiness with other mothers and join in to this movement of spreading love and care throughout the nation with People need to be cared for and only us- the human being filled with emotions can understand the other human being who cares for their children.

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