How to Properly Maintain Your Dental Equipment Pieces

Without your key pieces of dental equipment, it wouldn’t be possible for you to carry out treatments on your patients. If you maintain your equipment regularly, it will function to the best of its ability for longer, allowing you to offer an excellent quality of care in a cost effective manner. It is also important that your dental supplies and equipment replacement expenditure doesn’t increase year on year to an unmanageable amount.

I know from personal experience that spending more money on maintenance after buying equipment can be difficult to stomach. Sometimes trying to find the money at certain times of the year is hard. But if you find a way to pay for these repairs and maintenance, you will save yourself money in the long run.

The Importance of Abiding by the Regulations

Make sure you regularly review the age of your pieces of equipment, as well as monitoring when a service is due and act upon these without delay. When you first use the equipment for the first time, ensure that it comes fitted with the “CE” mark. This means that the piece of equipment is compliant with all relevant safety guidelines.

Look Out for the Manufacturer Recommendations

Each piece of equipment you buy will more than likely come packaged with recommendations and tips on how to look after and care for your equipment. It is important not to just ignore this advice, as following the advice is key to keeping the equipment safe to use and functions correctly. Sometimes, if you fail to properly stick to the advice and recommendations given, it may even invalidate the warranty, which will be a bit of a disaster. This means that if the piece of equipment no longer works as expected, it will not be repaired and a replacement will not be issued.

Handpiece Repairs

GPS Dent offers a lightening quick turnaround, which other online competitors find difficult to match. We acknowledge and recognize that hand-pieces are one of the most important tools a dentist uses, so we offer a service that reflects this importance. This is why we offer a 24-hour turnaround time, to ensure your hand-piece is returned to you safely and ready to go. This is made possible thanks to the large stock of parts for some of the most commonly used hand-pieces in practice. We take such pride on our service that we offer a 3 to 6-month warranty (the warranty length is dependent on the repair carried out) for each repair we carry. Head over to GPS Dent now to get your free handpiece repair quote now.

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Written by Kevin Matthews

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