How Winter Season Affects our Eating Habits?

It is all about eating heavy and healthy in winters. I damn sure, you must be nodding your head on this. Yes, I know, I am not alone whose eating patterns change as I enter November. Winter holds a vibe for binge eating and snaking. The idea of barbeque parties, bonfires, and eating hot chocolate at home while enwrapping a quilt around looks suitable for winters only. From a variety of soups to fried fish and dry fruits, all make a good assemble in the winters. In winters, either we frequently cook at home or end up ordering fast food delivery services near me.

Why Different Seasons Affect Our Eating Habits:

According to one theory, the change of season triggers the hormones in the body. They include hormones like leptin, glucocorticoids, and ghrelin which responsible for handling appetite.

Furthermore, sunlight is also one factor that plays a role in changing eating habits in winters. Sunlight triggers the release of serotonin hormone, a neurotransmitter. But in the absence of sunlight people tend to replace it with carbohydrate intakes that produce insulin. The insulin further leads to the production of serotonin hormone and in this way, people eat more food in winters.

Another biological reason for changing eating habits is the homeostasis of the body. It is a crucial element responsible for the temperature regulation of the body. In winters, since the body temperature falls down, people tend to eat more food to build temperature stability. Also, our body has to work harder to raise body temperature food containing zinc, iron, and vitamin A, D, and C are essential.

In addition to all of the above reasons, one more reason for eating more food in winters is the less active body. It is hardly we do exercise and physical movements to avoid frightening weather conditions outside. Therefore, we completely rely on food to boost body temperature.

Does Eating make us Warmer?

Since our body temperatures fall in cold weathers, food is a good choice to make it warm. The food calories produce heat, therefore, it warms the body up. The increased consumption of tea and coffee are evidence that we prefer something frequently during the winters to keep our body warm. Any food can increase metabolism and increase the body’s temperature. But it has become a tradition to think of food like stews, mashed potatoes, soups, mac and cheese, which has high- protein and high-carb, as the basic winter food.

What You Should Eat In Winters:

We all eat more than regular in winters. But this ‘more’ should never exceed its limits. That is the reason why, on average, people gain 2 to 3 pounds weight in winters. We all should know what to eat and how much to eat in winters.

Following is the list of what should you prefer eating in winters:

1- Soup:

Soup is the most common food that people have in winters all around the world. Depending on what ingredients you add, it is the best choice to increase healthy diet. Be it fibre-rich vegetables or protein-filled meat, you can have it all.

2- Fresh Fruits:

Mostly, fruits are considered as a food item for summers. But fresh fruits are equally important to have in winters. Vitamin C rich fresh fruits are a must-have in the winters.

3- Vegetables:

It is a must to eat vegetables in the winters. You can add it in the soup or noodles, or make a mix vegetable dish.

4- Fish:

Selmons are one of the most common warm dishes in winters. They are the best alternative of sunlight to attain Vitamin D.

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Written by Phoebe Lambert

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