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Have you been thinking about doing a yoga teacher training lately? It can be the best decision of your life because even if you do not intend to teach yoga, you will surely be making the best of your health. If you have already registered for the yoga instructor certification course or are considering it, you need to prepare yourself for the training. You must be having innumerable questions in your mind. There are numerous things that you need to think about and consider while embarking on the journey of yoga. I have shared a list of certain things that you should consider during your training period.

Preparation of your training session:

The list of ‘to-dos’ is not a thing that you need to do by taking out a specific time. You just need to take care of some of the mentioned things along with your training.

Always study the journals and essays provided by the instructors:

It is quite an obvious task. There are several people who do not consider about studying these readings and journals. These readings come to prove important in the last week of the course when you are asked to apply your learned knowledge of yoga philosophy to the design of the first yoga class plan and final assessment. If you do both the things during that last week, it will exhaust all of your energy.

2. Set your goals:

It is good that you have fulfilled all of your requirements for the course, but you need to set your intentions and personal goals that you will be attained from the program. This is necessary to get success as a yoga teacher. You should know the reasons behind becoming a yoga teacher. You can make a note of the same in your journal, it will keep on reminding you of your priorities.

3. Maintain a proper diet:

It is essential to be in the best physical shape for your course. Do not skip meals as it is high time to increase your metabolism and kick-start your energy levels. You can eat a hot breakfast that may include oats or eggs with milk. Try to take 3 nutritious meals in a day, which must include vegetables, fruits and super grains like barley and quinoa. You can make a substitute for meat by adding pulses and beans in your diet as meat is difficult to digest and can easily weigh you down.

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4. Be prepared to attain transformations:

The yoga journey that you are looking forward to starts on the first day of your training session. Yoga teacher training course will change your whole life for good. It will change you immensely and you will be able to perceive the world in a different way; enabling you to be open to all the possibilities and adjustments. Enjoy your ultimate yogic life. It is going to be one magical experience.

You must know that the correct time for starting YTT never comes, and you should start it right now. Therefore, go and register for yoga instructor certification course.

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