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Important Questions you need to ask before renting portable toilets

When planning an outdoor event, it’s important to think about creating access to restroom facilities for your guests. Whether it’s a wedding or a festival, your attendees need restrooms – and you need to know a few things before renting them. The following list will help you simplify the process of portable toilet rental in Fresno.

Know What You Need

Understanding your needs will help you choose the appropriate type and number of units for your event.

Some key questions to ask when making a list of your event needs include:

  • How many guests or attendees are you expecting?
  • Do any of your guests have special needs such as wheelchair or another type of handicap accessibility?
  • What is the tone of your event? If you’re hosting a formal wedding or party, you’ll need a classier setup. IF you’re putting on an informal festival or more casual event, consider saving money by renting more basic restroom facilities.
  • How many handwashing facilities are available? If these are not readily available to your guests, consider renting them. The general rule is one handwashing station for every 2-4 restroom units.

Know What’s Available

 Once you’ve taken stock of what you will need for your event, it’s important to compare that to what’s available from your portable toilet rental provider. Your rental company will typically offer several types of units or rental packages, so ask for options upfront. Also, be sure to ask about pricing, as this can be a major deciding factor for most people!

Know Who is Responsible for the Cleanup

Another key point to know ahead of time is how cleanup is conducted and who will be responsible for it. Typically, rental companies will provide cleanup services as part of their rental package. However, if you rent over a longer period of time, these cleanup services may be occasional or require you to assist with maintenance in between cleanings. Be sure to check with your provider about this beforehand so there are no surprises.

Portable toilet rental in Fresno doesn’t have to be any more complicated than the rest of your event planning. Be ready for whatever your event brings, from center stage to the bathroom and back. Your guests will be more comfortable – and you’ll be able to enjoy your time with them!

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