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11 Reasons to Travel in India

Everything in India is varied, colorful and intense. Are you looking for a destination for your next trip? In this blog you read the top 12 reasons why you should visit India.

#1. The Holi Festival

The Holi Festival or festival of colors, It is a very important Hindu festival which takes place in March each year to celebrate the arrival of spring. It is a good excuse to cover all around you dust of colors and dance the night away.

 All over the world throws him, from your best friend to the Priests of the Temples and the whole country becomes colored. Leave your clothes out at home and get ready for the next day, washing the hair again and again. One of the best destinations to attend the festival is Vrindavan (Mathura) and Barsana.

#2. The Golden Temple

Located in the heart of the Punjab, the Golden Temple at Amritsar is a sacred monument Sikh, whose beauty blowing to locals and visitors.

The temple is open to tourists, so that crosses the impressive mosaic covered walkway up to the temple complex and get ready to surprise you. Imagine golden walls, domes of bronze and marble decorative adorned with floral motifs. Stop at night to see the temple lit and to participate in the cult that venerated the sacred book of the Sikh religion.

#3. Bollywood

Hollywood could very cousin of Bollywood, with its origin in Bombay. The Indian film industry produces thousands of films a year and has annual revenues of hundreds of thousands of millions of rupees.

Visit Liberty Cinema, a famous art and dance cinema because the decoration of the facade includes a piano, and enjoy three hours of songs and dances in the purest Bollywood style. You can also go to the cinema Ebony Lounge, more luxurious, to see a different movie. You can even book a guided visit to the film studios in Bombay. You may end up with some autograph, who knows!

#4. The Food

Food is, without doubt, one of the main reasons for choosing a travel destination. India is a country of spicy flavors and intense.

Visit Bangalore to eat in darshinis, these local street food that serve tasty snacks and coffee in little more than peanuts. Test the fluffy idli (kind of pastries made with lentils), roti bread dipped in spicy sauce sambar and coffee with sweet almond.

#5. Wine in Maharashtra

India is capable of anything. In the Western Ghats, a couple of hours of Bombay and in the wine region of Maharashtra, Nashik. Here you will find varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Shiraz in the rural hills that seem to be light years away from the metropolis of the capital.

Take a look at the vineyards Zampa and the bodegas of York and Reveilo and you will be surprised with the quality of their wines.

#6. The Himalayas

Do you consider yourself an adventurer? Then you must visit the Himalayas. Imagine being between peaks crowned by snow white, see amazing sunrises and at ardecers and Bengal tigers in the wild.

The cordillera has difficulty levels for all travelers. You can take photos from far away, make a small climbing route to prove or make a climbing would be to Jammu and Kashmir.

Also attractive, the valley of Badrinath dotted with flowers, paddling in whitewater or culture Ladakh, with Tibetan influences.

#7. Strong inhabited

One thing is wanting to live in small houses and easily and another is to live in a box. Jaisalmer dates from the 12th century and is an ancient fort become code in which you live 3000 people.

This maze of winding, temples full of people and curious stalls and shops worth it. Visit the Chawk Gopa shopping area, where you must fight your way through the crowd.

#8. The Portuguese Goa Carnival

Take a trip to Goa in February and enjoy good food and dancing. The Portuguese brought the Carnival only to the area of Goa, which celebrates during the days leading up to Lent.

It is a great show that lasts three days, chaired by Momo, the king of the Carnival. The main reason why the queen is to tell all over the world to dance and celebrate.

#9. Hampi, Ancient stone temples

This sacred temple that dates back to the 7th century is located at Hampi, a six-hour drive from Bangalore . It began as a humble sanctuary, although it is difficult to imagine the look that had for centuries this architectural beauty on the banks of the Tungabhadra river. The building has nine levels, is dedicated to the god Virupaksheshwara and in the various activities take place throughout the year – including an annual festival of carriages in the month of February.

#10. Practice yoga

If you’re a fan of yoga or simply you want to meditate, India is the best place to do this. Yoga has its in Hinduism and is a traditional way to connect you through bodily contortions.

Has been practiced for thousands of years, long before these young people current friends from healthy to put him out of fashion. If you are an authentic passion for yoga visit the famous Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Center in Pune or the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore. If not, anywhere you go, you’re sure to find a place where you can practice yoga.

#11. Diwali, The festival of lights

The Diwali, also called Dipawali, is the most important annual festival of India and is celebrated in the month of October or November. This festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil and is known as the “festival of lights” for something.

The country is converted during five days in a paradise of lights. The people put clay lamps and lights at the entrance to the houses, there are fireworks and bonfires. The celebrations vary according to the area of the country you visit, you will see lights to any destination of India.

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Written by Varun Roy

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