5 Best and Effective Ways to Reduce Digital Eye Strain

Our eyes are on duty 24/7 and additionally, nowadays it is working more rigorously without blinking, without resting. We are so engrossed with digital devices that we don’t even get a second to shift our eyeball from the screen and hence, unfortunately, our eyes have to suffer from digital eye strain.

Whether working, playing or binge-watching, we spend hours and hours gazing at digital screens. Though smartphone, laptop, tablet, desktop serve us many benefits, sadly they are causing harm too.

What’s the harm?

As we all know anything in excess is harmful. Our eyes are definitely not designed to take the extra load. We cannot directly look at the sun, right? Now, how good is that! At least the colossal amount of dangerous blue light emitted from the sun cannot damage your eyes. But we can make direct eye contact with the digital devices (which also emits blue light) that too for prolonged hours. Though the artificial blue light emitted from digital devices are not as powerful as the sun, still, it is dangerous for the eyesight due to the extended screen time. Blue light glasses can be a saviour for your eyes.

For every problem, there is a solution. Well for this problem there are many solutions. Yes, digital eye strain can be reduced by following the steps given below:

Follow 20-20-20 rule

It takes nothing just to shift your focus from screens for only 20 seconds. 20-20-20 is a golden rule to reduce digital eyestrain. Move your eyeballs from digital devices for 20 seconds every 20 minutes and look at something 20 feet away. That’s it!

Blink often

You’ve always ticked for ‘I am not a robot’ captcha, right? Then why do you forget it and stop blinking? Human eyes are designed to blink often so do it without forgetting. Blinking retains moisture in your eyes and prevents dry eye symptoms. So remind yourself to blink your eyes as often as possible.

Use proper lighting

Neither excessive bright light nor dim light, make sure the lighting is proper to reduce digital eye strain. If it is your work environment, makes sure the exterior lighting is not too bright and the window is neither in front of the computer screen or behind it as the light from the window can strain your eyes. Also, avoid working fluorescent light. A table light could be a good option.

Right positioning of computer

If your work demands computer usage for almost 6-7 hours, then you need to think about the position of your computer. Ensure the computer screen is placed at least 24 inches away from your eyes. Adjust your chair so that you feel comfortable while looking at the screen without causing any stress on to your eyes, neck, shoulders and head.

Use computer glasses

Last but certainly a wise piece of advice, do wear computer glasses. These eye protection glasses come with blue light coating that blocks the harmful blue light emitted from the digital devices from entering your eyes. It is highly recommended if you are spending long hours in front of screens.

However, If you witness eye strain for a prolonged time and if it is unbearable, then it is best to consult an eye doctor and get a proper solution.

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