All you Need to Know About Progressive Lenses

Whether you have a problem seeing far, near or intermediate, there are eyeglasses to correct every kind of vision condition. Maybe a person might have a problem seeing both far and near. Will, there be a need of wearing two different glasses of different powers. Of course, not! Bifocal and trifocal eyeglasses are easily available for such kind of vision conditions. But the visible line that separates the two prescriptions mostly make the glasses look ugly and that is why most of the public, especially fashion-conscious ones do not like wearing such glasses. Well, not to worry in this case too. The eyewear industry has cropped up with multifocal eyepieces offering cosmetic benefits. The no-line multifocal glasses called progressive lenses serves as a great option.

What are progressive lenses?  

They look like any single-vision lens glasses but carry the power of 2 to 3 prescriptions. It gives you the ability to see clearly across all distances without any hurdle of the annoying lens division lines. The no-line multifocals offer seamless progression and you can see objects clearly, virtually at any distance with a gradual transition.

Whether you are driving, reading or simply looking around, experience flawless vision without changing your glasses and embracing progressive lenses. Nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism or presbyopia, anybody with such vision conditions can opt for progressive lenses.

Benefits of progressive lenses

No switching of glasses – As mentioned before, just a single pair of glasses is enough for your multiple vision conditions. There is no need to switch your glasses while reading or working on computers. Only with the single pair, you can view near as well as intermediate. The smooth transition with progressive lenses is much better than the traditional bifocals or trifocals.

Eliminates image jump – This is a common problem with bifocals and trifocals. The objects do not appear clear and when our eyes move, the objects abruptly appear moving. However, in progressive lenses, there is no line, objects appear clear and at the apparent position.

Cosmetic benefits –  Most of the traditional bifocals and trifocals might make you look old but progressive lenses offer cosmetic benefits. The modern designs are youthful and can also enhance your experience.

Drawbacks of progressive lenses

Take time to adjust – Since there is no dividing line, it becomes difficult to adjust your eyes to see things at different distances. There will be a bit of inconvenience for your eyes to get adjusted to progressive lenses. However, slowly and gradually your eyes will get adjusted to these lenses.

Temporary vision conditions – You need to train your eyes perfectly to see clearly using progressive lenses. During the learning period, you might feel nausea or even dizzy as your eyes will be confused about how to move and see. Looking from wrong sections can result in distorted vision.

More expensive alternative – As compared to traditional bifocals and trifocals, progressive lenses come with a heavy price tag. Since you are getting the power of 3 lenses in one, the cost is much higher.

If you are ready to invest, progressive lenses are surely a perfect choice for flawless vision across all distances.

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