Canine Hydrotherapy – Here’s How It Can Benefit Your Best Friend

You’ll see that most dogs love to dive into pools and have a good time splashing around, especially webbed-foot breeds like Labradors and Retrievers. But apart from it being fun, movements in water are known to cure ailments, alleviate pain while also offering both mental and physical benefits to our furry friends.

So, if you’re wondering whether you should look into canine hydrotherapy and if it’s as good as everyone says it is, you’ve come to the right place.

In this piece, we’ve discussed why therapeutic pools can benefit your pooch but before that let’s understand what all the fuss is all about first.

Understanding Canine Hydrotherapy

Well for starters, canine hydrotherapy is a form of weightless exercise. Hydrotherapy makes use of water to treat injuries and illnesses. Where canine hydrotherapy is concerned, it lets a dog participate in controlled swimming exercise which is conspicuously favourable to their muscles, joints and limbs as they recover from certain injuries.

Simply put, it provides our canine friends with a healing, enjoyable and rather laid back workout session that many dogs cannot avail in their everyday life.

Veterinarians swear by canine hydrotherapy, especially in case of pre and post-surgical conditioning. This helps obese canines reduce their weight and can also be performed by pets suffering from dysplasia or arthritis.

It works wonders for pooches who are recovering from stroke attacks or who are dealing with pain management, not to mention it’s a great form of cardiovascular workout for older canines.

Canine hydrotherapy comes to the rescue both before and after operation to help enhance the muscle tone of the limbs that are affected. For example, in case of ligament rupture, hydrotherapy can be resorted to as a post-operative measure and in case of hip replacement it can be used as a pre-operative care.

In the course of a disease, if hydrotherapy is initiated early on, it can help with the maintenance of muscle tone in case of degenerative radiculomyelopathy or CDRM and other neurological diseases.

In regards to race dogs and show dogs, hydrotherapy serves as an efficient way of keeping them fit and their muscles well toned, especially during the winter months.

Canine hydrotherapy is an extremely helpful aid when it comes to weight control in obese canines.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy For Your Pooch

If you do not know what canine hydrotherapy is, we suggest that you sign up for a session and take your furry friend along with you to see what it’s all about. It is perhaps the most wonderful form of exercise for canines with a plethora of benefits that you might not even know of. Several dog owners vouch for hydrotherapy as they’ve experienced firsthand how it has come to the rescue with their pets.

We’ve compiled a list of benefits that your canine is likely to derive from hydrotherapy.

Helps lose weight

As mentioned earlier, canine hydrotherapy is perhaps the easiest way to help beat obesity considering it is one of the biggest issues at present. With regular hydrotherapy sessions, this can be dealt with very easily. It will help your furry buddy lose weight really fast. All you have to do is ensure that your dog is consuming a combination of healthy nutrients in its diet.

Exercise with low impact

As opposed to running, swimming has a fairly low impact on your canine’s joints and limbs. Dogs can cut through water by swimming along gently, slowly adding to their flexibility and overall fitness.

Helps deal with medical conditions

Hydrotherapy helps ease the pain resulting from illnesses like lameness, arthritis, hip dysplasia and various skin conditions.

Good workout for dogs

One type of workout that dogs can definitely nail is hydrotherapy. It makes them use their entire body and tires them out completely after every session. Just a few minutes of swimming can work wonders for your dog’s health which makes it a rather good workout that’s ideal for canines.

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