Coronavirus Antibodies: Its Testing And Its Effects

Coronavirus antibodies are antibodies or white blood cells that help the body fight against the Coronavirus. These Coronavirus antibodies prevent and kill the increasing amount of Coronavirus from growing further. In some cases, they can be in your body since childhood, but mostly, Coronavirus antibodies are injected into the body through vaccines. Before understanding Coronavirus antibodies, it is important to understand what antibodies are and what their work is.

What are Antibodies?

Antibodies are the name of the amount of protein present in the blood. These are Y-shaped proteins that are used by the immune system to identify and fight viruses. Antibodies fight and eliminate infections and dangerous viruses like coronavirus in our bodies. Diseases are cured only because of antibodies and without them, our body will become a home of diseases. That’s why you should keep getting your antibody test. So that you can get the proper treatment for your disease at the right time.

Coronavirus Antibodies

Coronavirus antibodies are basically your strength and ability to fight against Coronavirus. When the Coronavirus enters your body, it first has to face your immune system; these antibodies are the immune system that protects you from external viruses. If there is the presence of coronavirus antibodies in your body, then the Coronavirus that has entered your body cannot survive for long.

Coronavirus Antibody Testing

Coronavirus Antibody testing or Serology is a type of blood test. Which detects the number of Coronavirus antibodies present in the body. Which helps our body to fight infections and Coronavirus. The doctor will first take a fine needle and prick it into your finger, which will cause little to no pain. After that, the doctor will press your finger gently and when a drop of blood comes out from it then the doctor will spread it on a small piece of glass. After that, this sample will be further sent to the highly advanced lab, where your blood will be tested, and you will get your Coronavirus antibody testing report in about 24 to 48 hours.

When You Have to Take an Antibody Test?

Although we should keep getting antibody testing or Serology because of Coronavirus, there are some conditions when you must have to get antibody testing.

  • If you want to contribute your plasma, you should get your antibody test done once so that you can’t infect someone else with a dangerous coronavirus.
  • If there is a patient who is at risk of having the Covid pandemic virus and has not been tested before, then you should get his antibody test done.
  • If a patient is showing symptoms of Covid, but his previous Covid report has come negative, then once to confirm, you should get the patient’s antibody test done.
  • If someone has accidentally come in contact with a patient with Covid and he starts showing some symptoms of Covid in himself, then he should get his Antibody test as soon as possible.
  • If someone is suffering from Coronavirus virus and his condition is showing improvement, and the symptoms of Coronavirus are decreasing, then he should get his antibody test done so that his treatment status can be known.


What are coronavirus antibodies? What are its effects? Coronavirus antibodies help our body to fight against the Coronavirus. These are injected into our body, or they may already be in your body. The test should be done by professionals and experienced doctors. How do coronavirus antibodies protect us from coronavirus? How is the antibody test done? The answers to all these questions have been given to you in this article.

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