Fight the Stubborn Acne with Range of Acne Treatments

What is the skin condition that has been affecting the world for decades? What is the skin condition that is so stubborn, and even after it gets cured, it leaves scars. Well, the answer is simple the answer is acne. Studies show that 90% percent of the world’s young generation suffers from some degree of acne between the age of 13 to 19, and in some cases, the acne can remain even in the mature age.

So what acne is and how it develops? Well, acne develops on the skin as an aftereffect of skin impurities and blood impurities. The pores on our skin help it to breathe and are responsible for skin functions like heat absorption and release, maintaining skin moister and sweat, and helps hair follicles to grow.

Acne develops due to the stoppage of the skin pores. As our bodies mature, it changes, and this change directly affects our blood. The number of blood impurities increases, and our immune system attempts to flush out these impurities. Sometimes it is flushed out with through our skin pores, and this can block the pores. The other reason for the blockage is the skin and environment impurities. Skin impurities settle down in these pores and block them.

As the skin pores get blocked, they can’t perform their functions, and all the impurities start to collect in them. These impurities then become an infection and give birth to acne. The contamination in the skin pores starts to surface on the skin and becomes acne.

  • Medical Treatment-

There are number of topical and oral treatments available to treat acne. The topical acne treatment includes gels and creams, which can be directly applied on the acne. The main ingredients of these gels and creams are mandelic acid, salicylic acid, and other skin useful components. This chemical attacks the acne-causing bacteria, and as the amount of the bacteria starts to reduce the acne reduces as well. It can be seen that because of these gels and creams can leave the skin dry. It is because these treatments reduce the amount of oil on our skin as well. This oil can cause acne as it can block the skin pores. Other then topical treatments, oral treatments are also effective for acne because they directly absorbed by the blood. But it is crucial to consult with dermatology before going for any treatment.

  • Laser Treatment-

A laser can be used for several medical and dermatological treatments. Laser skin treatment is very effective for acne treatment. Also, it is seen as one of the best treatments to treat acne and acne scars. In the process of this treatment, the acne-affected skin is exposed under a laser. The laser then penetrates the inner layers of the skin. As the laser penetrated the skin, it dissolves the acne bacteria along the way. The laser also burns of the unhealthy upper layers of the skin, and new and fresh layer takes its place. The pores of this new skin layer don’t release extra oil, which helps to prevent any more acne. As for the acne scars, it gets to burn off with an unhealthy upper layer of skin. If you are going for laser acne treatment, it is essential to understand the treatment. Please consult with an experienced dermatologist to understand your skin, its condition, and then make your mind about the treatment.

  • Micro-Dermabrasion and Micro-Needling-

Both micro-dermabrasion and micro-needling are non-surgical and non-laser treatments. Along with treating acne, they are used to treat wrinkles, fine lines, and freckles as well. In the process of micro-dermabrasion the unhealthy upper layer of the skin is removed using some solutions and scrubber. The chemical is applied to the affected skin, which peels the skin layer. Then with the help of a scrubber, that peeled skin is removed. While in the process of micro-needling, skin puncturing is performed. It results in activating collagen compound, which help is the formation of new skin cell. Both of these treatments can cause injury, and it is recommended to if your skin up to these treatments before going for any of it.

  • Chemical Treatment-

Chemical treatment is somewhat the same as the micro-dermabrasion. In this treatment, a chemical is applied of the skin, and then the skin peeled off using a wired brush. There are three types of chemical treatment, light, medium, and deep. Salicylic acid is used for light treatment. Trichloroacetic acid is used for medium treatment, and chemicals like phenol are used for a deep treatment.


Acne and acne scar can develop to anyone, and it is one of the conditions that affect everyone to some degree. Acne can turn into trauma, and getting rid of it can be not very easy, but with the clinical treatment, it is possible to get rid of it. So don’t bear your acne anymore and get rid of it once and for all.

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