How dads bond with their baby

Dads cannot gestate their baby in their wombs like moms but that does not prevent them from establishing at least as strong a connection with their child. Many newly released parents enjoy the time they spend with their little one, feeding him, loving him unconditionally and protecting him in all circumstances. However, sometimes the development of this close bond takes time. Parents can connect with their newborn babies in many ways.

parents establish a strong connection with their baby

When do parents begin to feel the connection with their children?

In some cases the link is established immediately, in the maternity clinic, as they take the child in the arms for the first time. Others need a few days before beginning to feel a powerful connection with their child. Certain parents will have to wait a little longer. That is perfectly normal. The priority is to meet the baby’s needs such as bathing, hugging or belching. There are so many things parents can do!

The arrival of your newborn is often accompanied by new emotions for new parents, especially if it is your first child. They may feel very tired and somewhat stressed by their new responsibilities as a parent. They also have to support the mother who is almost certainly exhausted after childbirth. All these feelings can hamper the establishment of a close bond right away.

How can parents connect with their child?

The gestation of your baby for nine months and then perhaps breastfeeding leads the mother to establish a strong connection with her child. Not being able to do this, in particular, does not prevent parents from doing many other things to develop a secure bond with their newborn.


Just as the mother strongly hugs her newborn when she is breastfeeding, the father can do the same when he gives the bottle. Stroking the baby in his arms and with a lot of eye contact can help a strong bond between father and son. In addition, hugging and showing affection often helps calm both the dad and the baby.

Play with your child

The game is important for the child’s development. This is how they discover and learn about the world around them. When the baby is very small, the dad can make weird faces or tickle him to laugh. Later, the father can play with his son, for example in the gym or play mat. Putting music and dancing with the little one in your arms can also be a lot of fun!

Talk with them

Babies enjoy listening to the sound of their parents’ voice. Spending the day talking with them or reading beautiful stories helps you establish a close connection between the father and the son. Singing to the baby while maintaining eye contact is a great way to forge a special bond.

Address your basic needs

Taking a bath or bottle or changing a dirty diaper are just some of the things a dad can do for his child . Engaging in your child’s routine and playing a parenting role is vital for father and son to feel closer to each other.

Calm your newborn

If you let yourself be moved by the baby’s tears and cradle him, you caress him or take him for a walk while you sing the leihmutter kosten newborn will realize that his father takes care of him as much as his mother.

Go for a walk

Let’s take the stroller and go for a nice walk. Little ones love the outdoors! To make this moment even more special, dad can also take the baby in the sling or front carrier to keep him close during the ride.

Take a few days off

The arrival of a newborn not only requires a huge adjustment in the lives of his parents but can also affect the life of his brothers. It is important to spend as much time as possible with the baby and meet their day-to-day needs. Taking a few days off as sick leave, a leave of absence or paternity leave will give the father more time to assume his new parental obligations as well as strengthen the bond with his son.

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