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How Can MedMaps Fall 2018 Pediatric CME Conference Help Aspiring Pediatricians?

The constantly evolving social and professional responsibilities of and pressures on clinicians has highlighted the necessity of lifelong learning for physicians. Continuing medical education not only facilitates lifelong learning but also enables the clinicians and aspirant pediatricians achieve the CME credit hours essential to maintain certification.

Goal of CME Education System

To ensure patient safety and conduct safe clinical practice it is essential for aspirant pediatricians to stay abreast with latest developments and to enhance skills. CME education solely focuses on both developing and maintaining knowledge, clinical skills, and patient relationships to ensure competent and safe medical practice.

The Bristol Inquiry and the “To Err is Human” report, both released some 10 years ago, brought the importance of patient safety to limelight. The modern CME education system strives to improve the knowledge of medical specialists including pediatricians through pediatric CME conferences. However, medical practice of specialists has undergone a significant change with increased innovation in diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, collaboration between different medical specialties, and bringing non-traditional treatment modalities into the fold of functional medicine. Pediatric CME conferences assist aspiring pediatrician embrace all the changes taking place in their field of medical practice.

MedMaps Fall 2018 Pediatric CME Conference: How Will it Help Pediatricians in Their Practice?

The Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs is conducting the MAPS Fall 2018 Functional and Translational Medicine Conference from September 20 to 22 in 2018 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis in Georgia. Here are some reasons why aspirant pediatrician should enroll in this upcoming pediatric CME conference.

CME Credit Hours:

CME credits are necessary to maintain medical practice license in many of the US states. MAPS Fall, being a pediatric CME conference, will grant the attendees valuable credit hours for attending the sessions. Apart from increasing the knowledge bank, the CME credit hours are one of the most important aspects for pediatricians attending the conferences.

All-Round Education:

Aspirant pediatricians can learn a lot from the best of the best by attending well-organized pediatric CME conferences. The sessions are conducted by experts who discuss the latest research, new developments, changes in old guidelines, and also bust misconceptions prevalent in the industry. The MAPS Fall 2018 conference will be conducting detailed ACM courses on Neurology, GI and Nutrition, Environmental medicine, and the role MAPS plays in clinical practice. Apart from this, there will also be a special session on ADHD in the conference.

One-on-One Interactions:

Conferences provide the attendees with the golden opportunity to spend time with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking medical practitioners. The MAPS Fall 2018 pediatric CME conference will be bringing together eminent members of their faculty and other industry experts to speak on a wide range of topics. One-on-One interactions with the speakers will enable aspiring pediatricians gain valuable knowledge at the start of their career. Face-to-face conversations with the speakers can lead to path-breaking collaborations for their future.

Off-line Networking:

While social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter helps doctors expand their professional network from the comfort of their clinics or home, personal meetings through conferences have more impact on the people. Attending conferences not only helps a doctor reconnect with former colleagues or make new introduction, it is also a great way to earn patient referral. Medical practitioners who attend CME conferences regularly are recognized easily which helps them to gain more trust. These medical practitioners are also perceived as the ones striving to stay ahead of others by enhancing their skills and knowledge bank.

Gaining New Knowledge:

Apart from earning CME credit hours, the most important factor for attending pediatric CME conferences is to learn something new and get an in-depth insight into the latest developments of the industry. The three-day long MAPS Fall 2018 pediatric CME conference will hold ACM sessions on GI and nutrition, Environmental medicine, role of MAPS in Clinical Practice, and Neurology. Apart from these, a special session on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and a plenary session on Environmental Toxicants will also be there. The speakers conducting these sessions will impart in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and will alert them about new treatment and diagnostic possibilities.

Avoiding Physician Burnout:

In 2012, a study conducted by the Archives of Internal Medicine stated that the incidences of physician burnout have increased significantly in the recent years. For the uninitiated, burnout is a psychological terminology that refers to physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion due to continuous work pressure. Burnout experienced by doctors are generally accompanied by feelings of detachment from the profession and incompetence. A physician who is burned out will be incapable of conducting the right diagnosis and treatment. CME conferences apart from being educational is also a kind of productive break one can take from their daily routine to prevent such burnouts. The MAPS Fall 2018, similarly, will help the attendees get away from the pressure of work, apart from learning something productive.


Attending pediatric CME conferences helps aspirant physicians enhance their knowledge and skill, assisting them to offer better care to their patient pool. If you are interested to attend the MAPS Fall 2018 conference, click here to register.

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