Ketogenic Diet Side Effects

Although the main purpose of Keto is to lose some weight. Yet the results can sometimes be drastic. Apart from that, it leads to other side effects that one might feel are unpleasant.

Some after-effects cannot avert no matter what you try. And some occur only due to carelessness while maintaining the diet.

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The keto diet doesn’t need to prompt a large group of negative reactions. Yet, anybody considering to receive the eating routine for long haul ought to be cautious.

Ketogenic Diet

The diet is one of the most efficient ways to shed some fats. It improves health to a great extent. The blood ketone levels get enhanced due to this diet.

During this diet cycle, one’s body undergoes so many biological processes. This includes a reduction in insulin levels and a rise in fat breakage rate.

So the liver starts to produce ketones instead of glucose. Here are some side effects of a ketogenic diet, both positive and negative.

1. Kidney & Heart Damage

Because the body can be low on electrolytes and fluid along with increased urination. This situation can lead to a loss of electrolytes. This can make people a target of acute kidney injury.

Dehydration is serious and may result in kidney injury, or kidney stones

This may put the dieter at risk of cardiac arrhythmia. Because electrolytes are necessary for the normal beating of the heart.

Electrolyte deficiencies are more serious than you think. And they may result in an irregular heartbeat, which can be deadly for a person’s life.

2. Constipation

The cut down of basic fiber sources leads to constipation. A study tells that those who follow keto diet suffer from constipation.

People on ketogenic diet miss out on the richest sources of fiber, like beans, fruit, and whole grains.

Still, the keto diet doesn’t need to cause a deficiency of fiber. Avocados, almonds and chia seeds are rich in fiber and provide you with all the required amount. So your body continues the ketosis.

3. Disturbed Dieting Patterns

The keto diet can also lead to unbalanced dieting. People face difficulty staying on the restrictive diet this results in an imbalance.

That can have other bad effects on your body.

People aren’t staying on the keto diet for a long time so it is hard keeping record of the effects.

Trying to go keto causes disturbance and leads to a simultaneous end on diets. This has great impacts related to weight fluctuations and increased mortality risk

4. Loss of Salts

There are some changes with the fluid balance that can occur at the initial state of a ketogenic diet.

Your body uses up its stored sugar which releases water into the blood. And that water gets passed out of the body through urine. As the fluid passes out of the body, salts in the body can get depleted as well.

As a result, you may experience a loss of fluid and salts as you maintain this diet.

Make sure you keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Water is the best drink for hydration.

Make sure you have enough salt as this can avoid any side effects such as headaches. You are free to add sea salt to your food and can take salts by drinking bone broths.

5. Muscle Loss

Keto diet can lead to the loss of lean body mass, which also includes muscle protein.

People lose muscle even if they continue training. Protein and carbohydrates together after exercise produce the best outcomes.

It seems protein alone doesn’t do as well as it does when paired with complex carbs in gaining muscle. These carbs don’t become part of the muscle fiber. But they help speed up the process, in part by helping cells regain glycogen.


Keto is not a great long-term diet because it is not a balanced diet. It is a diet that is devoid of fruit and vegetables. Which results in long-term micronutrient deficiencies leading to other consequences.

The keto diet is for short-term fat loss as long as the patient is under supervision. But it’s a temporary weight loss or maintenance solution.

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Written by Stacy Smith

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