6 Best Locations to Swim Around the World

Swimming indoor and outdoor swimming pools is great but it is nothing compared to the feeling that you get when you swim in an open natural swimming pool in the middle of nowhere surrounded by just nature. Having pool parties in your backyard with pool floats for adults is nothing compared to the fun that you will have spending time with your family and friends at an natural pool.

The world is filled with some amazing sceneries and locations that are impossible to explain. A famous natural swimming pool is located in almost all countries and the world is filled with them. These pools are formed due to natural disasters, nature taking it course over thousands of years so if you ever get a chance to swim in a natural pool then you should definitely do it because it is an experience worth everything.

There are a number of great locations around the glove that are perfect for swimming but today in this article we are only going to look at the top six which we believe are the best locations for wild swimming. They are perfect for their beauty, scenery and comfort that they provide. So let us go ahead and look at them in detail.

Kuang Si Falls, Laos

The majestic Kuang Si Falls in Luang Prabang is located in the middle of the jungle. The turquois water from the waterfall is collected by a number of cascading tiers which are mostly covered by the jungle’s canopy. There are numerous natural pools surrounding the area that act at the perfect spot for hikers to rest after trekking.

Hamilton Pool, Texas

The Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs was once an underground swimming hole with a limestone dome. Due to erosion the dome collapsed and left the swimming hole with a rocky outcropped. The swimming hole has a 50 feet waterfall that adds to the beauty of the place. There are a number of different animal and plant species at the oasis so make sure not to harm them in any away.

Giola Natural Pool, Greece

The Giola Natural Pool on the Island of Thasos is a like a piece of heaven on earth with its warm pleasant crystalline waters. A rocky barrier separates the warm water of the lagoon from the cold waters of the Aegean Sea. But the hike to Giola lagoon is a bit daunting thus attracts less tourists.

Havasupai Falls, Arizona

If you are looking for some aquatic fun activities in the middle of a desert hiking ground then the Havasupai Falls in Arizona is the place you should visit. The desert oasis is formed by the rushing waters from the orange cliffs surrounding the pool. It is the perfect place for cliff jumping in the depths of Grand Canyons.

Cenote Il Kil, Mexico

The natural cenote II Kil in Mexico is like a place out of a fairytale. It is located near the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza and is a perfect place to spend the day. The 82 feet below the surface tranquil pool along with the limestone walls covered with lush green vegetation and naturally hanging vines makes it a dreamy location that was once used for Mayans rituals.

Devil’s Pool, Zambia

Every heard of the Victoria Falls? Well it is the largest waterfall that falls into the Zambezi River. Taking a swim in the pool of water at the bottom of the waterfall is great but the Devils pool is located on top of the waterfall and you get to swim till the edge. The experience to swim in a pool at the edge of a rocky mountain around 330 feet above the ground is breathtaking. The pool is only accessible in last six months of the year when the water level is lower.

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