Removing Pain with LASER

Removing Pain with LASER
Removing Pain with LASER


Every person on this earth desires to look good and being fit can give you a healthy body and mind along with a trendy lifestyle. However human beings down the age enter that phase where they are surrounded by diseases and several other ailments.  Age also decreases the dynamicity and robustness of the body. Here comes the role of physiotherapy and physiotherapist.


Physiotherapy is the science that focuses on improving the dynamicity and mobility of the patients. Physiotherapists help patients regain their flexibility, as far as possible. They diagnose and treat disabilities like back pain, neck pain, knee pain, ligament issues to other serious ailments like Parkinson’s disease, Paralysis, Cerebral Palsy, and many more. One of most the significant feature of physiotherapy is its portability. It enables convenience, personalized care and a faster way of healing. Nowadays laser therapies are extensively used in medical treatments. They use light source that is tuned into specific wavelength which allows it to be focused into very powerful beams. It has a lot of medical applications like visionary problems, alopecia, removing kidney stone, cancers etc. It is also in practice to remove pain and neuronal problems. Because of its portable nature laser therapy in physiotherapy is a very successful story to cure chronic back pain.

Laser and its Mechanism

Laser lights always work according to the basic laws of light, which travels in straight lines at a constant velocity in space and time. Different types of lasers are used in therapeutics like ‘mid laser’ or ‘soft laser’ each having their own individual significance. More recently, a new type of laser such as Low Level Laser Therapy commonly called as ‘LLLT’ and Low Intensity Laser Therapy also referred as ‘LILT’ has been introduced in medication purpose. Most of the light generated is in the Red Visible range and near Infra-red range of the Electro-magnetic spectrum, ranging from 600nm -1000nm wavelength, by the LLLT apparatus. Among these two, LLLT found significant applications in Physical Therapy.  When LLLT is applied to body it disturbs the orbits of the local electrons and results in heat generation, which initiates chemical change to disrupt the molecular bonds and also produce free radicals. LLLT is most dominant amongst inflammatory arthropathies, soft tissue injury, the relief of pain and also in wound relief. Several trials are also made that uses LILT against various inflammatory problems in joints.


Recently discovered, portable laser therapy units are designed with multitasking functionalities like relieving pain, encouraging the healing of injured tissues, improvement of circulation, and also aiding the lymphatic system of the body and cleanse as well as flush out toxins. Thus making the healing mechanisms faster with more effectivity.  It is made wearable and can run throughout the day and night   treating different affected areas like head, neck, back, chest including the extremities. It is advised to use portable laser unit rather than going to a clinic for laser therapy as laser clinics offer a single treatment, which provides relief from pain, within just a few hours. The blood clogs and pain will come back and get healed in the following treatment.


Nowadays with the advancement of the technology we can properly maintain and restore our well-being however still it is suggestive to engage into different physical activities and exercises along with these therapies as these traditional methods give a proper inner and outer health throughout our life.

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