How vision board changed my life

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Life is simpler and smoother as long as you are single. Once you are married and have a family to look after, it tends to become complicated. To get to work on time, get the children back from school, taking care of the household chores for the day etc. will surely drain you of all the energy you have. I myself was no exception to his arduous task and there were many times I thought of quitting my job unable to handle the pressure.  But, my work meant a lot for me was what thought and pushed on and on until at one point of time the feeling of inadequateness of not being able to do justice to my work as well as my home left me really frustrated, depressed and out of focus. That was when I learned What is a vision board from my friend and it changed my life completely.

Vision board- What is it?

The vision board is nothing but a board that can be done by yourself creatively, by posting pictures and quotes that mean a lot to you. once the vision board is done, it should be hung on a wall at a place where you are likely to see it often. The benefit- you will be able to achieve whatever you wished for.  But is this a magic board, that can transform your life?. No, not at all!. The vision board is based on the principle that your subconscious mind which is more powerful than your conscious mind and one that can be trained by repeatedly entertaining the same thoughts over and over again.  It is believed that once your subconscious mind is tuned favorably, it will bring about favorable changes in your life. In my caselearning what is a vision board helped me to regain focus and once that was done, it changed my life for the good.

My Success story

If you find the explanations about what is a vision board and the science behind it too complex to understand, I can help you understand it better with my success story. I have done my post graduation on two subjects. English and Interior designing. I have always been a person with a creativebent of mind and since I got a job immediately after completing my studies in an architect’s firm as a designer, I  settled down for it and considered my life settled too. I was quite happy about the work I was doing, the pay, the promotions and of course, the boss too. After my marriage and after I had my childrenwas when the problem started. But still Ther was no big problem because I had my mother to lend a helping hand When I wanted it really badly.

At one time my parents left the town to settle down in a retirement home that was quite far off from where we live. That is when the real pressure started. By this time, the firm in which I was working had also grown and my assignments included client visits and working for long hours in the evening, Work pressure that came with the size of the organization and number of people I had to manage and increase in the paperwork in the form of reports etc. At the homefront too there was an increase in commitments in the form of dropping and picking up the children from classes, cleaning up the house etc. all of which kept me on nerves all the time. The stress and anxiety were unbearable.

Thankfully, I happened to spend a day with my friend after a very long time. We chatted and chatted and finally, Idid voice my worries and pressures to her. She quickly understood I needed help and explained me about what is a vision board and how it could change my life. ISince the next day was Sunday, I immediately set about developing my vision board. To my surprise, I discovered that my vision board consisted of a lot of children, a neat and well-kept house, good food, pictures of my friends, so on and so forth. Making this Vision board was a real eyeopener, as when I was pasting my friend’s picture is when I realized that it was long since. I even tried to talk to them over the phone. I put the vision board in my Kitchen. Because it was the place I got to early in the morning and the room I step into to check everything is in order before I leave to work.

One day I went to the school in which my Children were studying for volunteering work when I was offered a job to teach English on the weekends. Not sure about how good I am at teaching and whether I would be able to do it amidst the schedule I am having at present, I was hesitating. Then all of a sudden, I had a fleeting thought of the vision board I created and the picture of children I had pasted on it. I accepted the offer.

To my surprise, I found the company of the children as well as the teaching job very interesting. It made me get back into the habit of reading. It slowly helped me regain a feeling of fulfillment and doing something worthwhile. I suddenly decided to take the career change and applied for a job in the school near my house. Once I got the job, I quit my designer job to utilize all my creative skills to teach the children. It changed my life completely. Now I enjoy every little thing I do, I have enough time to spend with my friends and I also have enough time to spend with my family and going on vacations without having to think about the pending work I would have to catch up with when I got back to work.

Vision Board- A word of caution

Having elucidated my story, I also wish to reiterate that the vision board is no magic board. It only helps you to focus on what you want. Once you focus on that and direct your actions towardsachieving those things it will help you. but, just hanging it up on the wall and looking at it day and night will not help in anyway.

What do you think?

Written by Sumeet Manhas

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