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Things To Consider While Choosing a Health Care Plan

health care
health care

Let’s put you through one of the most vital facts of life – our health is something that is not entirely under our control. If you think that you follow a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced life and don’t need any health insurance system or plan, you need to think again!

Why? It’s because, in the absence of a proper health care insurance scheme or system, you may have to let go your assets and savings to pay your medical bills. Hence, facing a chronic medical emergency can hurt your finances and future big time.

As a result, it becomes a must to opt for online medical insurance plans for individuals and families. But, before you go ahead, and buy health insurance online, you would need to consider some essential points in mind to help you avail the best one.

A best health care system should have these vital basics such as:

  • Family floater medi-claim

It is a health insurance plan that covers the entire family as fixed money is insured for all members. The same could be utilized to either for a single member of a family or all. If you have a family, availing the family floater medi-claim plan should be your best bet.

  • Individuals

Medical insurance plans for individuals are designed to cover the medical requirements of an individual. It covers chronic illness along with hospitalization and other add-on features.

  • Serious illness and surgery

If you have some serious diseases such as cancer, heart attack, kidney failure and more, you can avail exclusive health insurance plan covering these.

  • Senior citizens

A health insurance plan for senior citizens should include medical costs of senior citizens. The Insurance and Regulatory Authority of India (IRDA) has made it necessary for every service provider to offer insurance covers for all, to the age of 65 years.

If you are worried about costly preventive healthcare treatments including medical tests, visiting and consultation charges and X-Ray and other scans’ fees, this insurance works best for you.

Keep these points in mind while buying a health insurance policy

  • Pre-existing Ailments

If you have any pre-existing ailment and about to avail a health insurance policy, take care because service providers consider these diseases only after 2-4 years. In insurance terms, it is called a waiting period, and during this time, you can’t consider them liable to offer you cover. As a result, ask your insurance service provider to consider your diseases or opt for a plan that covers pre-existing diseases immediately.

  • Cashless Treatment Option

Check if your service provider is offering you a cashless treatment option to settle bills without the involvement of any cash. It’s good to always insist on looking for a cashless network of hospitals in your insurance network to save on costs and other hassles.

  • No-claim Bonus

In case you have not availed any bonus in a specific year, the benefits get passed on to next year. As a result, you will either receive an increase in the sum by a fixed percentage of the active premium or avail a reduction in the premium.

The Bottom Line

If you are salaried, you might have a health insurance plan offered by your employer. But, as the health care system of companies offers only a limited coverage and when the cost of medical expenses on the rise, it is best to avail your own health insurance.

Now that you know the basics and vital things that you should consider while availing a health insurance policy, buy health insurance online and keep your family’s health secured.

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Written by Divya Singh

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