Want To Get Rid Of That Stubborn Belly Fat? Here’s How To Do It

If your resolution for this year is to get rid of that stubborn fat surrounding your belly, then you’ve landed in the right place – here, we’ve put together a few easy yet effective changes that you could bring about in your day to day life to achieve those desired goals!

Whilst you can’t be finicky about where you’d like to lose weight, you’ll surely be able to trim that fat around your belly by losing your overall weight and shrinking the body’s fat percentage.

Now, some of the habits might entail workouts and some dieting. Simply opt for one or more and make them a part of your everyday life so as to begin right away and then fine tune everything else at a later point.

Gauge your daily calorie intake

The very first step you must take when it comes to losing weight is to figure out the number of calories you’d need in a day. You can do this is, either by talking to your dietitian or by simply using the BMI formula.

Once you’ve found out the exact number of calories you need so as to trim down, always pick up an average deficit rather than the major one to steer clear of extreme hunger. Mind you, being able to compute the calorie deficit and following it to the T will totally help do away with the weight.

Know your hunger scale

Most of us tend to eat just out of the habit of fulfilling our hunger since it is a specific time of the day or because we’re bored. That said, it becomes imperative for you to get an understanding of what exactly your hunger feels like. Besides, make certain that you aren’t force feeding yourself. Say, for instance, if you don’t feel like having your breakfast at 8 in the morning, then shift it to 10 a.m when you actually feel like eating.

Eat till the time you don’t feel 80% full

It’s time for you to quit that “clean-plate club”. Rather than putting down your fork once the plate’s empty, munch on your food gradually and pay heed to what the belly feels like. In this manner, you’ll be able to stop eating when you feel full and not when you feel like a stuffed chicken!

Now, when you’re going to a restaurant to eat put this strategy to use – ask for an easy-to-carry container the moment your food’s being served, pack half of it immediately and keep it for tomorrow’s lunch.

Crank up your NEAT

No, no! We aren’t talking about your alcohol consumption. Here, NEAT means “Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis”, which is basically the calories you’re being burning by simply moving around the entire day (not via exercise though!). When you crank up your NEAT you’re actually improving your metabolism, meaning you’ll burn more calories and in turn cut down on that fat.

However, if you’re into those monotonous desk jobs, see to it that you’re either getting up and taking a walk after every hour, or after having your lunch, or simply walking up or down a few flights of stairs to go to the washroom. You could even opt for a fitness tracker to see if you’re able to nail 10,000 steps in a day.

Sign up for a weight loss or fitness program

No matter whether it is an online website or a national program, signing up for a weight loss or fitness plan is by far the best way to get some assistance when on such at times-difficult journeys. When opting for such programmes, you get support from professional personal trainer city of london who make sure you’re able to achieve your set goals.

Keep yourself hydrated 24×7

People often confuse thirst with hunger, which is why it’s all the more crucial for you to remain hydrated throughout the day. By doing so, you’ll be able to understand when are you actually hungry.

You must drink at least 64 ounces of water every day or simply try the trick of gulping down a gallon of water and you’ll for sure see real-time results in your hunger and energy levels.

Now that we’ve shared with you some of the best ways to get rid of that belly fat, implement them right away and keep your body in shape.

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