What Is The Right Time For Your Child’s First Eye Test?

Children need thorough eye exams by a professional pediatric ophthalmologist from a very small age. This helps the parents to understand if there is any eye issue developing. Children of small age groups to school-going age groups require eye exams to determine healthy eye vision.

Only an experienced and knowledgeable eye doctor can detect any abnormalities in the eye of a child. A child may develop certain eye problems from the time of birth. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to get an eye checkup within the first few months of the baby.

What Is The Right Time For Eye Exams?

Children should be taken to a pediatric ophthalmologist for around 6 months. Later when a child starts their first reading and writing tasks, they need to be taken to frequent sessions of eye checkups. The best time to get your child’s eye checked is between 3 and 6. During this age, a child develops writing and reading skills. It is common to see certain vision problems by this time.

Apart from that, every school-going child must visit ophthalmologist once or twice a year to get their eyes thoroughly checked. Parents may find the best pediatric ophthalmologist in India with the help of online resources, recommendations from family physicians or from referrals given by relatives or friends.

What Are The Common Vision Problems In Children?

Some of the common eye conditions that you may find in your child eye exam reports and these are:

  • Amblyopia is a condition in which the child cannot get normal eye vision in one eye.
  • Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes cannot maintain natural alignments.
  • Lack of focus or convergence insufficiency in which eyes cannot focus close works.

What To Expect In The Child’s Eye Checkup?

Few things that parents can expect in their child’s first eye check-up:

  • The pediatric ophthalmologist will ask about the child’s birth history and family medical history.
  • The eye doctor will check the child’s eyes. This includes checking light sensitivity, focus on objects and some others.
  • Depending on the basic eye checkup, the doctor will recommend further visits, eye exams and treatments (if required).

Eye Checkup Before School

One must not wait for the child to start school. Some vision problems can be dormant and may show up after the child starts activities that require proper vision focus. This is why parents need to take their child for a pediatric ophthalmologist and get their vision tested. Eye exams before starting elementary school are required. One must not hesitate to schedule a session with an eye doctor before their child starts preschool.

You can talk to a pediatric ophthalmologist in Delhi for a comprehension eye checkup.

Moreover, one has to keep the family history in mind. If there is a case of vision disease and disorders in your family, your child may likely develop certain eye issues. Apart from that, many health issues may also lead to vision problems. So monitoring your child’s eye from an early age is the best solution.

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