What to expect from a Yoga teacher training program

Are you planning on joining a yoga teacher training program? And don’t know what to expect and came fishing for some basic knowledge?

While starting a yoga journey might seem like a daunting task, let us assure you it is nothing of the sort! Rather yoga is a certain dedication and a healthy way of leading your life, which aims to benefit you inside and out. It might seem challenging at first but with the time you will get accustomed to it. But it is indeed a major time and financial commitment. So before you officially get started let us lay down some bits of information that will come in handy once you decide to embark on this beautiful training journey.

Regardless of the type of yoga teacher training program you choose, either yoga teacher training retreats, local training institutes or even online programs, etc. You might feel like you were super excited and motivated at the start but you are growing weary and your motivation is wearing off. In that case, don’t panic or start to doubt yourself. The key is persistence, keep doing what you are doing and eventually, you will get used to the new regime. If you have chosen a more dedicated training program like joining yoga teacher training retreats then try to soak it all in and make the most of your time there.

  • You will get stronger with time

Nobody is born being great at anything. So don’t go into your training thinking you will pro from day one. While it does come more easily to some, doesn’t mean you have to lose heart. It will take time for your body to adjust to the yoga postures and asanas and with each passing day your body will become more flexible, you will get stronger as well as your stamina will increase.

  • You will find others like yourself

You will be encountering people from all walks of life, which might even include people from different ethnicities as well. But you will all have one thing in common i.e. your passion and interest for yoga. Joining a yoga training program can provide you with an exceptional opportunity to interact with many interesting people. So don’t shy away from socializing and try to make an effort to make new friends and develop contacts which will eventually help you create your own yoga network in the yoga community.

  • Your communication skills will get better

Yoga teaching is all about cues and compassion, and not everybody is great at communication effectively or compassionately for that matter. So joining a yoga teaching training program will also help you improve your communication skills. Your teachers will empower you to find your own yoga teacher voice” by using understandable, encouraging and direct communication.

Hopefully by the end of your training, you will come to realize that yoga is more than just different asanas but in fact, we hope you will start to appreciate yoga as a way of life.

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Written by Qais ahmaadi

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