Why Consider Moving Your Business from a Home Office to the Real Thing

The act of moving your home business to a proper office can be a big decision for a small (one person) business. But, it can also be incredibly important from a growth perspective. The fact is that taking that next big step could be exactly what you is needed to facilitate your business growth. So, with that in mind, here are some of the more important reasons that you might consider moving your business from the home office to the real thing.

The Limitations of Space

If you sell a product then the limitations of operating out of your home business can quickly become apparent. And even if you want to run a service-based business, that too can quickly become difficult to manage with little space. You may end up hiring out additional storage or something similar, which over time can mount up to quite high costs while still restricting your growth. You may be surprised by how your own functional space can actually help your business to expand rapidly.

You Can Drive More Revenue

Driving more revenue is obviously the aim of any business, whether you want to admit that or not. And doing so from the comfort of your own home while it may seem ideal, can actually be more and more difficult the bigger your business grows. After all, people trust someone with commercial space much more than those operating out of their own homes. It’s an unfortunate truth to face, but one that you must face as a business owner looking to grow.

…Because of Productivity Boosts

The fact is that working from home can be a distracting endeavour. If it isn’t your own media or fun things, there are certainly other distractions to consider when trying to run a home business. The cat, obviously, can be extremely needy when you’re in their general vicinity.

Whether you like it or not, working from an office is a great way to boost productivity. And the more you do, the more money you make; it’s simple. So move yourself and your operation into a proper office and watch the productivity fly high, you might be surprised by what you achieve!

It Allows You Space to Hire Employees

This was touched on above but is more relevant when it comes to the addition of other people to your business, and that is the issue of space. It’s not fair, for example, to ask your employees to work from your kitchen dining table. No matter how much joy you yourself might gain from the practice.

Employees need space, they need amenities and likely they don’t want to be judged by your cat. Though being able to have barbie for lunch every day might be a bonus. But, still, it’s not the ideal working situation to try to bring an employee into. So, you are likely much better off getting yourself actual office space in order to ensure your employees have somewhere a little more comfortable to operate out of.

Legal Issues to Be Aware Of

Of course, moving to your own business space in the wide-open world isn’t all pumpkins and faeries. The fact is that issues such as insurance, compulsory purchase orders, business rates, landlord/tenant disputes, and more could all become big issues for your fledgeling office. The legal implications of these things are that even the smallest issue can cost you a lot of money, which could sink your home business in its new home.

Final Thoughts

The last thing you want to do is restrict your business, even on a small scale. So, for that reason, choosing to move beyond the spare bedroom to a proper office maybe your best option for doing so. All of the reasoning to move out is there, now you just need the courage to do so!

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